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THE TRIAL OF CHRISTINE KEELER: British Teens Who Enjoy Sex With Men

Here's BBC's plot summary for The Trial of Christine Keeler:

The Trial of Christine Keeler takes a fresh look at one of the most infamous British stories: the chain of events in the 1960s that came to be known as the Profumo Affair.

At the centre of the storm was 19-year-old Christine Keeler (Cookson) - a young woman whom the powerful, male-dominated establishment sought to silence and exploit, but who refused to play by their rules.

The Trial of Christine Keeler takes us behind the headlines to tell a human story about the sexual and cultural politics of one of the most revealing and iconic stories of modern times.

Profumo & Keeler
And what's the Profumo Affair, you may ask? Per Wikipedia:

The Profumo affair was a British political scandal that originated with a sexual relationship in 1961, between [46-year-old] John Profumo, the Secretary of State for War in Harold Macmillan's Conservative government, and Christine Keeler, a 19-year-old would-be model.

Davies & Rachman

Keeler and Profumo weren't the only nymphet and nympholept involved in the scandal. 16-year-old Marilyn R. Davies met 18-year-old Keeler at Murray's Cabaret Club where Keeler introduced Davies to Peter Rachman - a 41-year-old slumlord and Keeler's former lover .  In addition, Keeler introduced Davies to 48-year-old Stephen Ward - a well-known osteopath. 
Subsequently, Davies had sex with Ward, she became Rachman's lover but eventually moved in with Ward.

Unsurprisingly, some quotes from the BBC series are very relevant to this blob. For example, after Keeler asked Davies about her attraction to older men, Davies responded: "I like 'em. I do. As long as their presentable." 

And that's exactly what R. Don Steele recommends in his book - Date Young Women for Men Over 35. Steele writes that being neat and clean is enough in terms of looks for an older man to appear attractive to young women and that possessing self-control (i.e., power), a high level of self-confidence, and a level of high self-esteem are far more important than appearance. 

Keeler shared about her attraction to Profumo: "When I met John Profumo, we both gave in to the most natural instinct there is. The love of a powerful middle-aged man for a penny-less teenage girl. Is that a crime?"

Ultimately, Profumo was forced to resign and Ward was convicted of being Keeler's pimp, but Ward made gave some interesting answers on the stand.

Prosecutor: "What were your intentions arranging for two teenage girls to live in your flat Mr. Ward?"

Ward: "I found them both very attractive girls - lively, fun [...] They were both working at Murray's. A great number of men, as well as me, appreciated their charms [...]"

Prosecutor: "What did you think these promiscuous little girls were having sexual intercourse with men for?"

Ward: "I imagine it was for enjoyment of the sexual act." I propose that Judith Levine would agree with Ward. 

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