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Netflix's JEFFREY EPSTEIN: FILTHY RICH (Episode 1) | Reaction: Molested Survivors Versus Teen Prostitute Survivors

Episode 1 of Netflix's Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich opened with an important confession from Epstein:

Lawyer: "Have you ever been convicted of a crime?"
Epstein: "Yes."
Lawyer: "What was the crime of which you were convicted?"
Epstein: "[...] procuring a minor for prostitution"

Epstein's confession that he was convicted of procuring a minor for prostitution is important, because one can't be convicted of procuring a minor for prostitution if there aren't any minor (i.e., teen) prostitutes. 

A mistake this documentary series makes is labeling all of the nymphets involved with the Epstein case as survivors/victims when there should be (at least) two categories: molested/sexually assaulted survivors and teen prostitute survivors. 

Let's look at two examples from the molested/sexually assaulted survivors category:

At the New York Academy of Art graduation night art show (1995), Eileen Guggenheim, the former dean of students, literally twisted Maria Farmer's arm and demanded that she sell one of her "Alice in Wonderland" paintings to Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, Guggenheim's "dear friends", at a 50% discount. 

Annie Farmer

Two months later, Epstein gave Maria at job at his New York City mansion, and Maria introduced Epstein to Annie Farmer - Maria's 16-year-old sister. 

At Epstein's Zorro ranch in New Mexico, Annie alleged that Maxwell massaged Annie's nude breasts while Epstein looked on and that the following morning Epstein cuddled with Annie - without her consent. 

Maria Farmer's Paintings

The following year, Epstein and Maxwell, asked Maria to do an artist-in-residency in a 26,000 square foot home behind Les Wexner's house in New Albany, Ohio. For an unexplained reason, Maria decided to do a series of paintings "[...] about puberty - girls partially nude [in] voyeuristic kind of private moments but not sexual." The painting were based on nude photographs that Maria took of her nymphet sisters. For example, Annie was 12-years-old in her nude photograph. 

After Maxwell informed Maria that Epstein would like to have his feet rubbed, Maria alleged that Epstein and Maxwell massaged her breasts - without her consent. 

Subsequently, Maria said that she informed the NYPD, who directed her to the FBI, that she was assaulted by Epstein and Maxwell, but nothing came of it until Maria was contacted by Vicky Ward who was writing a Vanity Fair profile on Epstein. Ultimately and inexplicably, Vanity Fair did not include the sisters' stories of being molested by Epstein and Maxwell in the profile. 

Now let's take a look at the teen prostitute survivors:

The special investigation unit of the Palm Beach Police Department (PBPD) began investigating Epstein after a parent reported to the police that her 14-year-old step-daughter was found with $300 that she earned from giving Epstein a massage. 

This next point is important. 19-year-old Heather confessed to a detective that she was introduced to Epstein, "Through a friend. About two years ago." Thus, she was recruited by another teen, and she went back and forth to Epstein's house for two years.
Michelle Licata

Interestingly, when asked how she was introduced to Epstein, Michelle Licata shared with a detective that her friend informed her in class that she could make $200 for Christmas by massaging Epstein for 45 minutes. 16-year-old Licata replied, "Okay. That seems weird, but okay." Upon arriving at Epstein's mansion, Licata's friend urged Licata to lie about her age. 

Shawna Rivera

Shawna Rivera first met Epstein after Rivera's friend, a repeat visitor to Epstein's residence, picked Rivera up at her modest West Palm Beach home where the 14-year-old nude nymphets gave Epstein a massage. Some time later, upon Epstein's request, Rivera took a cab back to Epstein's. Why? Rivera shared, "I assumed if I went back, I would get more money."

Prostitutes prostitute for a variety of reasons. For example, Rivera said that she went to Epstein's for over three years, because she was poor. Some of the more wealthy teen prostitutes in Italy and Japan do it for luxury goods. But the fact remains that they're (teen) (consensual) prostitutes. 

Dr. Kathryn Stamoulis, an adolescent sexuality psychologist, erroneously stated that Epstein, "[...] targeted girls that [sic] were so vulnerable. And this is something that most sexual predators do [...] The first step in the grooming process is spotting a vulnerable victim - someone who is financially disadvantaged or that [sic] already have some sexual trauma in their past. Sexual predators like Jeffrey Epstein have an eye for picking out someone who is in need of something and they identify that need, and then they exploit it [...]"

This is erroneous, because, per the documentary, Epstein didn't "target" the nymphets. The Palm Beach nymphets were targeted by other Palm Beach nymphets. Eileen Guggenheim introduced Maria Farmer to Epstein. And Vicky Ward shared of Ghislaine Maxwell, "She was a great connector for Jeffery."

Haley Robson

Haley Robson shared that she was introduced to Epstein by a high school friend when she was 16-years-old who informed Robson that she could earn $200 per massage. Robson shared that her immediate reaction was, "This is my ticket out of West Palm - this is my way out." But interestingly, and in contrast to Dr. Stamoulis' expertise, Robson was a competitive equestrian and Robson's mother was a banker and her father was a police officer. However, Robson did share that she was raped when she was 15 by a 21-year-old man. She shared, "It was my first experience with a man." But she didn't shared if it was statutory rape or violent rape. Alan Dershowitz argued that there's an important distinction between the two. 

Robson shared with a detective that after Epstein touched her with his hands and a vibrator in inappropriate places, she rejected his advances, but she volunteered to deliver him nymphets for $200 per head. 

Detective: The girl that was going knew she would have to massage him?
Robson: She knew everything. 
Detective: How long have you been working for him?
Robson: I probably worked for him for a year.

Robson went on to share with the documentarians, "I probably recruited maybe 24 girls."

Robson: Those girls brought other girls, too. 
Detective: Okay.
Robson: So, it's like a train.
Detective: Who else was underage?
Robson: Under 18? All of them. 

Robson to documentarians, "I would recruit girls that were friends. I would just casually bring it up. And we would drive together to his house. I would take them to the room, and then I would walk out. Sometimes I would wait out by the pool. When the girls would leave, Jeffery would come outside to pay me [...]"

Detective: "At this point, you've clearly implicated yourself in a crime. Okay? You've taken girls to somebody's house for the purposes of [teen] prostitution [...] Now that's a pretty significant second-degree felony."

Robson correctly asked the documentarians, "What about the girl who recruited me. What happened to her? What about the girl that recruited the girl that recruited me?"

However, Dr. Stamoulis inexplicably opined, "The girls that [sic] are recruiting the other girls are definitely victims of Jeffery Epstein [...]"

But some, like Stuart Pivar, co-founder of New York Academy of Art, opine that the nymphet recruiters were criminals, like Epstein, who recruited nymphets for the purposes of consensual teen prostitution, but who were given a reprieve by the PBPD for their help in Epstein's investigation.

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