Sunday, May 31, 2020

Lifetime's HIGH SCHOOL LOVER (2017): Teen Oral Sex in Helicopter with Movie Star

Here's the Movie Info from Rotten Tomatoes for Lifetimes High School Lover (2017): A [17-years-old] teenage girl starts dating an older [26-years-old] famous actor, much to her father's [James Franco] dismay, but their romance puts her family in danger when her beau's adoration spirals into obsession.

High School Lover was written by two women - Jessica Dube and Amber Viera. And here's a taste of the dialogue that took place between two high school coeds four minutes into the film:

"I hope you're not wearing that dress your dad got you."
"Screw you bitch!"
"Yes! Please! You know at least someone would be getting screwed here."

Kelley Winters (Paulina Singer), the 17-year-old high school student, met Christian Booth, the 26-year-old famous actor, at an exclusive party. While Kelly's high school mates snorted cocaine,  Christian asked Kelly, "How old are you?" But before Kelly could answer, Christian said, "Actually, don't tell me."
After they left the party, one of Kelly's classmates demanded, "You have to have sex with him (i.e., Christian Booth); so, I'll know what it's like." Later, Kelly's classmate inquired, "Did you get the D?"

Later, after Christian introduced himself to Kelly's dad, Kelly's dad informed, "You know they're all seventeen - right? How old are you?" Christian responded, "Twenty-six sir." [Note: The age-of-consent in New York, where the film was filmed and set, is 17; thus, the film follows the spirit of the law as oppose to the letter of the law.] 

Against her father's wishes, Kelly continued her affair with Christian and after the age-gap couple took a helicopter ride, where Kelly performed oral sex on Christian, Christian antagonistically sexted the video to Kelly's father. 

I won't spoil the ending of the teen romance slash thriller, but I will share a revealing conversation:

Christian, "She was begging [for sex], alright."
Kelly's dad, "She's seventeen!"
Christian, "Yeah. Yeah. I know. That's why is was so good."

Interestingly, Jerell Rosales, the film's director, made it a point of displaying Kelly in her bra and panties. 

Kelly's dad [Franco], is ten years older than Kelly's step-mother, who previously dated her step-daughter's lover. 

Paulina Singer [Kelly] played Madison in The Nymphets (2015), which per IMDb is about: "A precarious man [who] invites a group of wild young girls to his loft to party even though he knows it's a terrible idea."

And High School Lover (2017) was executive produced by Franco.

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