Friday, January 31, 2014

Yorick Nubé: Photographer of Insecure (Nude) Nymphets [Teens]

Josefien Rodermans by Yorick Nube

In an undated interview on See Like Me, 36-year-old photographer Yorick Nubé, who was born in the Nederlands, but is based in Amsterdam, said, "I’m definitely not a fashion photographer but more [of a] women-photographer."

The fact that Nubé referred to his teen models as women is revealing; however, I'm surprised that he didn't at least say "young women" - especially when you consider some of the titles of Nubé's photoshoots (e.g., Young Thong, Oil on Baby...)

@YorickNubé | Oil on Baby

In addition, Nubé said that he likes "insecurity" in his postures; thus, it may be safe to surmise that Nubé enjoys photographing (nude) nymphets in insecure poses.

Interestingly, like a writer that I know, Yorick, "... eat fries and [a] cheeseburger once a week."

You can view Nubé's photographs of nymphets on Twitter. [Update: Nubé's Twitter account has been suspended.]

Monday, January 27, 2014

DUCK DYNASTY's Phil Robertson Advises Marrying Nymphets

Duck Dynasty reality television star Phil Robertson, who was in the news last month due to anti-gay comments he made during an interview with GQ, was in the news again after a 2009 video was discovered that showed Robertson endorsing ephebophilia.

Robertson said in the speech at the Georgia Sportsmen's Ministry, "You gotta marry these girls when they are about 15 or 16." But that one should, "[...] check with mom or dad about that of course," to avoid violating any age of consent laws.

He warned against waiting until the girls were in their twenties. He said, "[...] these boys are wait'n till they get about 20-years-old before they marry 'em," to their detriment, because after they leave the nymphet stage they're only concerned about spending money and aren't contributing teams players in their marriages."

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Long Island Middle School Girls Gone Wild

Middle School Girls Gone Wild

Lawrence Downes' editorial was published in The New York Times (Dec. 29, 2006) after he witnessed Long Island middle school girls at a talent show "[...] in teams of three or four [...] in tiny skirts or tight shorts, with bare bellies, rouged cheeks and glittery eyes."

Downes wrote that it was hard for him "to erase the images" of middle school girls (i.e., sixth, seventh and eighth grades.) writhing, strutting, shaking their bottoms, splaying their legs, and thrusting their chests on the stage of a Long Island middle school while Janet Jackson sang, “Don’t stop don’t stop. Jerk it like you’re making it choke. ...Ohh. I’m so stimulated. Feel so X-rated.” In addition, Downes was surprised that the parents of the pre-teens cheered and applauded the "eroticized" performances.

Unlike Downes, I wasn't surprised by what I read of his experience at the talent show. I shared in The Allure of Nymphets that Tom Wolfe related in Hooking Up that in middle schools, from the plush suburbs of Washington to the underprivileged schools of the South Bronx, thirteen and fourteen-year-old girls, among other "eroticized" acts, were performing fellatio on boys between classes.

I wrote about the "eroticized" nude photograph of 10-year-old Brook Shields that was on display in Richard Prince’s Spiritual America exhibit at Guggenheim and how on the 2011 season premiere of Saturday Night Live, Alec Baldwin said while impersonating Texas Governor Rick Perry,  "I believe all 10-year-old girls should be vaccinated for HPV, so they can enter into meaningful sexual relationships.

But all of this may not be so shocking when you recall that tweens were considered young adults before the turn of the 20th century and that up until 1897 the age of consent in California and in most states was 10.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Nabokov's Nymphets and Lolitas & D.H. Lawrence's Chits

There are a number of synonyms that are used for nymphets. For example, the terms lolitas and maidens are synonymous. D.H. Lawrence related an additional synonym in DRUNK.

DRUNK by D.H. Lawrence from Complete Poems

The enormous cliff of horse-chestnut trees
         Has poised on each of its ledges
An erect small girl looking down at me;
White-nightgowned little chits at me I see
        And they peep at me over the edges
Of the leaves as though they would leap, should I call
        Them down to my arms:
---But, child, you're too small for me; too small
Your little charms!---

The Merriam Webster dictionary defines chit as a pert young woman. The Free Dictionary defines chit as a saucy girl or young woman. And defines pert as boldly forward in speech or behavior; impertinent; saucy. Therefore, a chit could be referred to as a boldly forward girl/young woman.

Some nymphets aren't boldly forward. For example, Katya Spivak in Joyce Carol Oates'  A Fair Maiden and Belinda in Anne Rice's Belinda weren't particularly aggressive nymphets. However, a number of nymphets are chits like Sue Lyons' character in The Night of the Iguana (1964) and the nymphets in Don't Deliver Us from Evil (1971) [French: Mais ne nous délivrez pas du mal].

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Joyce Carol Oates' A FAIR MAIDEN: She was 16, He was 68

A Fair Maiden by Joyce Carol Oates opens with “INNOCENTLY IT BEGAN. When Katya Spivak was sixteen-years-old and Marcus Kidder was sixty-eight."

Katy is described as being five-feet-five, tanned, and slender with streaked-blond hair and “steely gray eyes”. Since the sixth grade she had begun hearing words about her “Tits, boobs, [and] ass [...]” She was thirteen when she noticed how men, not boys, looked at her. And she was fourteen when she lost her virginity to her older cousin.

Kidder is described as being gentlemanly, six feet two, with icy blue eyes that were “crinkled at the corners from decades of smiling” and with striking white-hair." (I wrote in The Allure of Nymphets that according to R. Don Steele in How to Date Young Women for Men Over 35 and Nassim Taleb in The Black Swan, girls are very attracted to grey hair.)

They met while Katya was working as a nanny for the Englehardts on Ocean Avenue in exclusive Bayhead Harbor, New Jersey and continued to meet after Kidder invited Katya to visit him at his mansion. (He had a pied-à-terre "[...] on Fifth Avenue, overlooking Central Park," as well.) The ocean front mansion had “floor-to-ceiling bookshelves [...] an easel [...] stacks of unframed canvases. On the walls were works of art – paintings, pastel drawings – portraits of women, girls, and young children.”

(Mr. Englehardt was attracted to Katya, his 16-year-old Nanny, as well. "... he gazed at her with a faint fond smile, and when his wife wasn't close by, he'd openly flirted with her. When Katya came to breakfast with a "... swollen and discolored right eye," Mrs. Englehardt was very "anxious" and suspected that Katya was impregnated by Mr. Englehardt.)

(That fact that Kidder was an artist, author and composer, reminded me of a quote from Nabokov in Lolita. He wrote You have to be an artist and a madman [...]” to spot a willing nymphet out of a crowd.)

On Katya's first visit to the mansion, they drank lemonade from a “heavy cut-glass pitcher” and ate strawberries and sherbet out of “shallow low cut-glass bowls” before Kidder asked Katya to pose for him. “Pose? Like for a …. portrait?” she asked.

But it wasn't until during a subsequent visit did Katya realize "He wants me, this old man. Desire and yearning in Mr. Kidder's startled blue eyes were like nothing Katya saw in the eyes of other, younger men [...] Exhilarated, she thought, He wants me! Me, me!"

Eventually, they began to kiss after he paid her for "modeling" and before she left the mansion. "[...] kissing Katya's mouth so warmly, gently, as Katya had never been kissed before, and how strange and wonderful it was [...]"

Katya was confused about their relationship. "He is the only one who loves me. And I love him. He's a dirty old man, a pervert. You must know. Marcus Kidder! Not Ever."

But she was really confused after she suspected that Kidder drugged her and took advantage of her. He denied it, but their relationship took a dramatic turn after that dispute.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

LOLITA Magazine: Nubile Nymphet Models

This is what was written on the About page of the (now defunct) Lolita magazine's website:
LOLITA magazine is a new playful photo zine about girls.

Entirely handmade as a limited edition print zine, as well as an online magazine, Jolijn Snijders (founder of I LOVE FAKE magazineliterally went back to the drawing board in search to create a fresh, original look as a D.I.Y. format playing with illustration, old school copy machines, hand written typo and lots of pretty [young] girls shot by photographers worldwide.

The print zine will be sold exclusively via the website this fall.

And as you can determine from the photographs screenshots, the description is on point. The magazine was a nympholept's dream (i.e., It's brimming with nymphets.) The photographs reminded us of Balthus, Vivienne Mok, and Richard Kern.

Here are some quotes from the magazine:
"Lolita is young, fun and bright! And makes me happy to be a girl!"
"[...] playful and innocent: two keywords a lolita girl must have in our eyes."
"Lolita means a perfect mix between playfulness and innocence; a young carefree girl who knows how to enjoy life."
Lolita magazine definitely added to the debate - is it art or [child (softcore)] pornography?

Silverberg's ORGY MAID: Teen Rape, Incest & Lesbianism

In Orgy Maidby Robert Silverberg (pseud. Don Elliott), twelve-year-old Lonnie Garth is continuously raped, sometimes via double-penetration, by her brother-in-laws. And the nymphet's drunken father-in-law forces himself upon her as well.

But Lonnie's rapes weren't anomalies. On page five of the book it states:

In the hill country of Tennessee, where Lonnie Garth was born, they have a quaint little folk saying about virginity. “A virgin,” they say, “is a five-year-old girl who can outrun her daddy and her brothers.”

Lonnie was a fast runner. That’s how come her virginity lasted all the way to the age of twelve. And, at twelve, she was about the oldest virgin in town.

On page thirty-one Lonnie was told, "You been getting loved since you were six, I bet. Your brothers and your old man got there first."

Eventually, just like a number of women in The Secret Garden, Lonnie fantasized about being raped by her brother-in-law. For example, in the novella it states "[...] deep down, she had wanted to be raped by Gary Holston, she had wanted to be known by some man not her husband, somebody with Gary's elemental ferocity and force."

Unsurprisingly, twelve-year-old Lonnie even began to relish lipstick lesbian sex after her brother-in-laws forced her to have sex with a "slim, sixteen-year-old redhead named Peg Marron" who had "[...] lavishly voluptuous buttocks of a Rubens nude".

Orgy Maid is considered to be in the vintage sleaze genre, but you may be shocked to learn that the novella was written by Robert Silverberg (pseud.Don Elliott) who is a Brooklyn born graduate of Columbia University with a B.A. in English Literature and a multiple winner of the Hugo and Nebula Awards. 

I've reviewed other mainstream teen and adult novels such as Lauren Myracle's TTYL and Philip Roth's The Humbling that rivals Orgy Maid in its graphic teen sex scenes. Therefore, an additional question is, who determines which books are considered sleaze and which are considered literature?

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

(Virtual) Japanese Teen Prostitutes in Hiroshima

I received another tweet from The Tokyo Reporter about a recent teen prostitution bust in Hiroshima. 

Here's a summary: 

HIROSHIMA (TR) – Hiroshima Prefectural Police last week announced a crackdown on teenage girls who use use dating sites to solicit prostitution, reports the Yomiuri Shimbun (Jan. 9).

Between December 2 and 28, law enforcement carried out patrols of a number of deai-kei “encounter” matchmaking sites in search of “inappropriate” messages from young females.

Over that period, officers took 26 girls, aged between 14 and 19, into protective custody 

Since 2012, sex club employees pretending to be customers have used such sites to recruit girls for employment in the form of prostitution referred to as enjo kosai (or compensated dating). The high rate of occurrence of the incidents has raised concerns with prefectural police. 

Of the 26 girls cited by prefectural police, the majority were in search of spending money.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Kendall Jenner Shares T&A After 18th Birthday

Kendall Jenner (18) | Victoria’s Secret

Kendall Jenner, the younger sister of Kim Kardashian, gave ephebophiles two gifts shortly after her 18th birthday. 

Kendall Jenner | BTS

The 5' 10" nymphet tweeted a photograph of herself in a pair of small cheeky black panties with the caption "behind the scenes today..literally lol". 

And on Instagram, she posted a photograph that was taken by Victoria’s Secret photographer Russell James of her taut nipples under a sheer top.

Kendall Jenner (17)

There was a bit of an uproar in the media over Kendall's risque photographs, but posting risque photographs is nothing new for the model slash reality television star. Like many young adults, Kendall began posting revealing photographs to social media in her early teen yearsFor example, when she was 17, she posted a pensive photograph posing in a pair of cheeky panties.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Ava Sambora: Heather Locklear's "Hot [Teen] Blonde"

Ava Sambora and Mother Heather Locklear

Despite everything I've seen, read, listened to and wrote about on the allure of nymphets, I was surprised by a post on Egotastic! (The tagline for website is Because Men Think Differently.) The surprising post, which was written by Bill Swift, is about Ava Sambora, the 15-year-old daughter of Heather Locklear and Bon Jovi guitarist, Richie Sambora.

In the article, Swift wrote that: "[...] America [...] will always love a hot blonde. [Therefore] Ava's future looks pretty damn bright." And the article encourages men to "Enjoy" the pictures of the 15-year-old bikini clad nymphet as she played volleyball and frolicked on the beach in Maui last month.

Typically, the "Enjoy" facet is left unspoken and is implied. This is my first time reading an article that openly encourages men to enjoy the pictures of a nubile and scantily clad teen.

I assumed that Egostatic! was based in Europe, because it reminds me of a British lad magazine. But it is an American website with offices listed in New York, Hollywood, and Chicago and gets over nine million unique visitors per month.

Swift may be correct in writing that Ava has a "pretty damn bright" future. For example, she had a role in Judd Apatow's film This is 40 (2012).