Saturday, January 18, 2014

LOLITA Magazine: Nubile Nymphet Models

This is what was written on the About page of the (now defunct) Lolita magazine's website:
LOLITA magazine is a new playful photo zine about girls.

Entirely handmade as a limited edition print zine, as well as an online magazine, Jolijn Snijders (founder of I LOVE FAKE magazineliterally went back to the drawing board in search to create a fresh, original look as a D.I.Y. format playing with illustration, old school copy machines, hand written typo and lots of pretty [young] girls shot by photographers worldwide.

The print zine will be sold exclusively via the website this fall.

And as you can determine from the photographs screenshots, the description is on point. The magazine was a nympholept's dream (i.e., It's brimming with nymphets.) The photographs reminded us of Balthus, Vivienne Mok, and Richard Kern.

Here are some quotes from the magazine:
"Lolita is young, fun and bright! And makes me happy to be a girl!"
"[...] playful and innocent: two keywords a lolita girl must have in our eyes."
"Lolita means a perfect mix between playfulness and innocence; a young carefree girl who knows how to enjoy life."
Lolita magazine definitely added to the debate - is it art or [child (softcore)] pornography?

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