Friday, January 31, 2014

Yorick Nubé: Photographer of Insecure (Nude) Nymphets [Teens]

Josefien Rodermans by Yorick Nube

In an undated interview on See Like Me, 36-year-old photographer Yorick Nubé, who was born in the Nederlands, but is based in Amsterdam, said, "I’m definitely not a fashion photographer but more [of a] women-photographer."

The fact that Nubé referred to his teen models as women is revealing; however, I'm surprised that he didn't at least say "young women" - especially when you consider some of the titles of Nubé's photoshoots (e.g., Young Thong, Oil on Baby...)

@YorickNubé | Oil on Baby

In addition, Nubé said that he likes "insecurity" in his postures; thus, it may be safe to surmise that Nubé enjoys photographing (nude) nymphets in insecure poses.

Interestingly, like a writer that I know, Yorick, "... eat fries and [a] cheeseburger once a week."

You can view Nubé's photographs of nymphets on Twitter. [Update: Nubé's Twitter account has been suspended.]

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