Saturday, January 30, 2021

The Conway Household's Nude Teen Scandal

We've written about mother's selling their daughters into prostitution. For example, we posted that Demi Moore shared in Inside Out, her memoir, that when she was a 15-year-old nymphet, her alcoholic mother paraded her in bars. But we've never posted about mothers sharing nude photographs of their teen daughters on Twitter.

Jenna Amatulli of The Huffington Post posted that Kellyanne Conway, the former White House counselor, allegedly posted a topless photograph on Twitter's Fleets of Claudia Conway - Kellyanne's 16-year-old daughter. 

Claudia Conway and Kellyanne Conway

Amatulli posted:

Former White House counselor Kellyanne Conway has been accused of posting a topless photograph of her teenage daughter, Claudia Conway, on Twitter.

Social media erupted on Monday night after Conway’s account, @KellyannePolls, allegedly shared a Fleet — a post on Twitter’s mobile platform that is meant to disappear after 24 hours — showing a partially nude Claudia, who is 16. The image has since been deleted, but other Twitter users say they took screenshots of it.

In a since-deleted video, Claudia told fans: “I’m assuming that when my mom took my phone ... she took a picture of that so that was on her phone. I guess she accidentally posted it or somebody hacked her. But nobody would ever have any photo like that, ever. So, Kellyanne, you’re going to fucking jail.” 

Censored Claudia Conway

Thus, it's clear, from Claudia's admission and the above censored screenshot, that Claudia took a topless teen photograph. And Amatulli shared that, per the Justice Department, Federal law prohibits the production, distribution, reception, and possession of an image of child pornography. But there has been no social media eruption over Claudia's production of a nude teen photograph. Interestingly, the age-of-consent in DC is 16. Hence, does that mean that Claudia and Kellyanne are off the hook?

Claudia Conway Dancing on TikTok

Prior to the Conway household's nude teen scandal, Kellyanne has complained to Claudia about her social media use, but other than TikToker Kristen Hancher, whom, per Distractify's Mustafa Gatollari, was banned from TikTok for promoting her OnlyFans account, most women (openly) condone nymphets dancing in thongs. 

Hancher posted on Twitter: "Funny how they [i.e., TikTok] like to keep [...] the 13 year olds wearing bikinis. Crazy." However, Taylor Lorenz opined on The New York Times' "Popcast" podcast (SEP 16, 2020) that sexualization of minors on TikTok is too focused around young women and that "there's a lot of over reaction":

I do think that, like, there's a level of empowerment. [...] Especially young women deserve. And I think that, you know, young women should feel confident in expressing themselves. You know, and if they wanna dance to a certain song and that makes them feel good and they wanna put that on the Internet [...] I worry about the kinda the sorta Boomer, "Oh back in my day we only danced to like wholesome show tunes." [...] There's just so much conversation and so much of it is around young women and that bothers me. Nobody says a single thing to these Sway boys that are literally sexualizing themselves every minute [...] by the way some of these Sway boys were doing the same thing before they turned 18 and they just don't get the same backlash that a young women does [...] I think that a lot of the concern over sexualization of minors and stuff is very focused around young women and can sometimes be used as an excuse to kind of shame them for things that you know maybe they like don't deserve it for - there's a lot of overreaction [...] 

I would reply to Lorenz that I would imagine that most Boomers would (privately) agree that both nymphets and Sway boys should avoid "dancing" in thongs on TikTok. 

Saturday, January 23, 2021

Musset's GAMIANI, OR TWO NIGHTS OF EXCESS: Teen Sex, Teen Lipstick Lesbians, and Teen Bestiality

Gamiani, or Two Nights of Excess [French: Gamiani, ou deux nuits d'excès] was published in the early 19th century, allegedly, by Alfred de Musset and is thought to be based on George Sand - Musset's lover. 

Here's Wikipedia's outline:
Modeled after George Sand, this work gives us a young man named Alcide observing the Countess Gamiani and a young girl named Fanny, engaged in their lesbian bed. Having watched them and provoked by their abandonment, he reveals himself, joins them, and they spend the night alternately sharing their intimate histories and their bodies. The stories they tell include the rape of one in a monastery and the nearly fatal debauchment of another in a convent, as well as encounters with a number of animals, including an ape and a donkey.
Let's begin by discussing the ages of Fanny de Pleyel and Countess Gamiani. Alcide described Fanny as: "[...] still a child; no more than fifteen years of age?" And Gamiani was: "barely older in years [than Fanny]". In other words, Fanny and Gamiani were nymphets.

Gamiani, or Two Nights of Excess is an erotic novella and is consequently filled with teen sex, teen lipstick lesbian sex, and teen bestiality; thus, we'll do an over view.

In the opening scene, Alcide observed Countess Gamiani's seduction of Fanny:
Slithering down the bed, the beautiful Italian wrenched apart the girl's thighs and buried her face between them. Fanny resisted, but only until some cunning flick of the tongue tripped that catch which unlocks a woman's body to the invasion of pleasure. With a sob, Fanny raised her knees, spread them wide, and reached down to plunge her fingers into Gamiani's luxuriant hair.

After a ménage à trois, Gamiani and Fanny shared their beginnings:

Gamiani shared that when she was 15, her aunt led her into a "vast room" and told her to "kneel down" before a monk entered, exposed Gamian's "posterior", and whipped the nymphet with "knouts, by thongs tipped with iron points." Subsequently, Gamiani's thighs were "butted", she was "penetrated", and she "uttered a terrible scream".

Next, Fanny shared that when she was 15 she had: "[...] her first experience of divine release.":
"Overcome, transported, [virtually nude and upon a divan] I grasped a pillow, squeezed it between by thighs, took another into my arms and kissed it madly, enveloping it in passion. What pleasure. It seemed to me I was melting, that I was disintegrating. I cried aloud [...] I was wet. Wet all over. Unable to understand anything, I thought I had injured myself [...]"

Lastly, it may be worth noting the nymphet bestiality in the novella:

A black dog performed cunnilingus on Gamiani. Consequently, she was in the "paroxysms of pleasure and pain" and "screaming with each new stroke". And Sainte, the Mother Superior at Gamiani's convent: "[...] was twelve when she was rocked by intolerably fierce desires." Ergo, "[...] every night. Her untaught and inadequate fingers spoiled her youth [...]" After Sainte: "[...] clapped [her] eyes on two dogs in the act of holding amorous commerce", she inexplicably: "[...] lifted her skirt and bravely backed up to the [caged] animal, her behind aimed at the redoubtable point." 

Per Queerly Phrased: Language, Gender, and Sexuality, Gamiani, ou deux nuits d'excès was a nineteenth bestseller. 

Thursday, January 14, 2021

PREGNANCY: A Game | An [Sexually] Abused & Pregnant Hungarian Teen

Over 17 years ago, in the non-fiction section of The Central Library in Brooklyn, I picked up Seymour M. Hersh's The Dark Side of Camelot. And consequently, my research into nympholepsy in popular culture began. What was the impetus? The catalyst was one of Hersh's footnotes about Joseph P. Sr. - President John F. Kennedy's father. Here's a summary:

In 1957, Rose Kennedy invited Lyndon Johnson, who was the Senate Majority leader at the time, to their home in Florida for lunch. Lyndon Johnson naturally accepted the invitation and went to the Kennedy beachfront home with an entourage. The entourage included Bobby Baker, the Majority leader’s aide and confidant, who related, “Old Man Joe comes in [from a round of golf] with a seventeen – or eighteen-year-old girl. Doesn’t say boo. Walks right in and goes upstairs and engages in what, clearly and noisily, is sexual intercourse.” 

Over the years, I've written about nympholepsy in almost every medium (e.g., poems, novels, novellas, and Netflix series'). However, other than the Duke Nukem: Forever video game cover art, where two schoolgirls sit at the feet of Duke, I haven't written about nympholepsy in videos games - until today.

Here's the About This Game posted on Steam for Pregnancy:

'Pregnancy' is an interactive short story where the player attempts to influence the decisions of a 14 year old girl about the future of her pregnancy.

Lilla Sandor is the protagonist of 'Pregnancy'. She is a 14 year old girl who lives in Hungary. Lilla gets pregnant after being abused by a criminal and she is confused about what to do with the child she carries in her womb. The player acts as the voice of conscience influencing and guiding the young girl's decisions.

At the end of the story, see how your decisions line up with other players, inspired by games like Telltale's The Walking Dead and Atlus' Catherine.

209 out of 356 Steam reviewers "Recommended" the game. Chance, the gamer, simply opined of : "Very interesting"

Interestingly, a famous gamer was criticized on Twitter for playing Pregnant, and the Hungarian nymphet was changed from being abused, as described in the About This Game, to being raped. But "abused" is ambiguous too, because the age-of-consent in Hungary is 14-years-old. 

Thursday, January 7, 2021

JOJO'S JUICE: Sexualized Tweens, Teens and the Art of Twerking

USA Today's Cydney Henderson wrote in the post "JoJo Siwa, 17, had 'no idea' of 'inappropriate content' in kids board game(Jan 6, 2021):

"JoJo Siwa is addressing the controversial Nickelodeon board game "JoJo's Juice," which features her likeness alongside what she called "gross" and "inappropriate content."" 

"The 17-year-old "Dance Moms" alum-turned-teen Internet star took to Instagram Monday to clarify that she "had no idea of the types of questions" were included."

""JoJo's Juice," which is recommended for children aged six or older, is a trivia game that features cards from four categories: Truth or Dare, 2 Truths and a Lie, Who Knows JoJo Better? and Never Has JoJo Ever!" 

"However, the children's game has come under fire for its mature and sexualized content, including questions such as, "Have you ever walked in on someone naked or had someone walk in on you?" and "Have you ever been arrested?""

Some additional "mature and sexualized content" were: "Have you ever gone outside without underwear (a bathing suit doesn't count)?" and "Learned the art of twerking". [Emphasis added]

However, interestingly on Its JoJo Siwa, JoJo's verified YouTube channel, approximately 13-year-old JoJo taught Miranda the art of twerking. The video is titled "TEACHING MIRANDA HOW TO TWERK! -JoJo's Juice" (Oct 10, 2016), and, as of today, the video has been viewed over 32 million times. And per #blackAF's Chloe, tweens and teens twerking is the new Twist.

"TEACHING MIRANDA HOW TO TWERK! -JoJo's Juice" (Oct 10, 2016)

Per Nickelodeon and Spin Master Games, 
"JoJo's Juice" isn't being manufactured anymore, and the game doesn't appear to be listed on Amazon anymore.

Sunday, January 3, 2021

TEEN VOGUE: Teen Masturbation Stories

Similar to Nancy Friday's My Secret Garden: Women’s Sexual Fantasies, Vera Papisova's Teen Vogue post "23 Masturbation Stories: Girls Get Real About Self-Love" (AUGUST 4, 2020) is a compilation of pre-teen and teen masturbation stories.
Sarah's mom, a sex therapist, taught Sarah, the day Sarah got her period, that masturbation was Sarah's "right":
"My mom is a sex therapist, and the day I got my period, I didn’t get the sex talk. I got the masturbation talk. I’ll never forget it, because it was humiliating. She told me that my pleasure is my right, and that if I have urges, I shouldn’t be ashamed of them. It’s natural and healthy for you. She told me I shouldn’t have sex until I know exactly what my body likes, otherwise I’ll be dependent on other people to figure it out, which isn’t fair for anyone since we’re all different." - Sarah
Lindsay shared that, other than her "freaky camp friend", she wished that she knew "[...] that other girls masturbate, too!"
"I wish I knew that other girls masturbate, too! And that no matter what way you do it, it's not weird! Most girls don't open up to their friends about that stuff until college, unless you have the occasional freaky camp friend." - Lindsay

Laura related to Teen Vogue that she started masturbating as "a stress reliever" as a pre-teen - in 5th grade. (I wonder what kind of stress ~ 10-year-old Laura was going through.)

"To be honest I started masturbating pretty early in maybe the 5th grade...I think my mom figured it out and she had the sex talk with me. I was really lucky because the only thing she said about it was that it was private and OK, but that she didn't want to know about it and that I should keep it to myself. If I didn't do it, I’d get pretty fidgety...For me it was more than a sexual identity thing; it was a stress reliever." - Laura 

Ruthie "discovered" masturbation at a young about - "about 12":

"I definitely discovered masturbating at a young age. I was about 12 and knew that for whatever reason, I could touch myself in a certain spot and feel all kinds of incredible in a way I had never felt before. And I felt very confused about why, and never spoke to a friend (honestly) about masturbating until I was in college. But once I started talking about it with a few friends, it felt SO GREAT ! It felt liberating." - Ruthie 

When Maddie was in high school, she purchased a gift wrapped vibrator from Spencer's Gifts:
"When I was in high school, I went to Spencer’s Gifts at the mall and made them gift wrap a vibrator because I was too embarrassed to admit I was buying it for myself. But guess what? Female masturbation isn't embarrassing or gross, and it’s also not embarrassing or gross to have a vibrator or dildo. When you get to college, you'll actually start talking to other women about this. There’s a whole world of liberation out there." - Maddie

Emily discovered masturbation at 14 by accident via the shower head:

"The first time I masturbated it was kind of by accident. I was probably about 14, and I was in the bathtub playing around with the shower head and the water hit that area and I was like, whoa, this feels good. I definitely felt awkward about it, and didn't tell anyone about my newfound hobby [...]" - Emily 

Lastly, Sarah shared that she masturbated in the (locked) bathroom after school. (Note: Sarah did not share with Teen Vogue if this was during middle or high school.)

"I used to do it in my room after school. No one was home but my older sister, so it was the perfect opportunity. I'd lock the bedroom door and turn on music so I could have some privacy. I would have died if I ever got caught. I still would die now, for the record." -Sarah 

Like Tavi Gevinson's Rookie, we have written a number of posts based on Teen Vogue's masturbation pieces (e.g., here and here); however, unlike, Rookie, Teen Vogue hasn't, to our knowledge, written about teleiophilia

BORAT SUBSEQUENT MOVIEFILM (2020): Borat Gifts Teen Daughter to Mike Pence

Here is IMDb's vague plot summary for Borat Subsequent Moviefilm (2020):

Follow-up film to the 2006 comedy centering on the real-life adventures of a fictional Kazakh television journalist named Borat.

Rotten Tomatoes elaborated a bit:

Released from prison for bringing shame to his country, Kazakh funnyman Borat risks life and limb when he returns to America with his 15-year-old daughter.

Wikipedia did a better job than IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes:

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm: Delivery of Prodigious Bribe to American Regime for Make Benefit Once Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan [...] is a 2020 American mockumentary comedy film [...] The film stars Sacha Baron Cohen as the fictional Kazakhstani journalist and television personality Borat Sagdiyev, and Maria Bakalova as his daughter Tutar, who is to be offered as a bride to Vice President Mike Pence during the COVID-19 pandemic and the 2020 presidential election.

However, on the Culture Gabfest podcast ("New Weird America" | OCT 28, 2020), Stephen Metcalf, a critic-at-large and columnist at Slate magazine, related the most relevant, to this blog, aspect of the film:

"In this film, Borat brings his 15-year-old daughter [...] to the United States to gift her, yes, to Mike Pence - the Vice President."