Saturday, January 30, 2021

The Conway Household's Nude Teen Scandal

We've written about mother's selling their daughters into prostitution. For example, we posted that Demi Moore shared in Inside Out, her memoir, that when she was a 15-year-old nymphet, her alcoholic mother paraded her in bars. But we've never posted about mothers sharing nude photographs of their teen daughters on Twitter.

Jenna Amatulli of The Huffington Post posted that Kellyanne Conway, the former White House counselor, allegedly posted a topless photograph on Twitter's Fleets of Claudia Conway - Kellyanne's 16-year-old daughter. 

Claudia Conway and Kellyanne Conway

Amatulli posted:

Former White House counselor Kellyanne Conway has been accused of posting a topless photograph of her teenage daughter, Claudia Conway, on Twitter.

Social media erupted on Monday night after Conway’s account, @KellyannePolls, allegedly shared a Fleet — a post on Twitter’s mobile platform that is meant to disappear after 24 hours — showing a partially nude Claudia, who is 16. The image has since been deleted, but other Twitter users say they took screenshots of it.

In a since-deleted video, Claudia told fans: “I’m assuming that when my mom took my phone ... she took a picture of that so that was on her phone. I guess she accidentally posted it or somebody hacked her. But nobody would ever have any photo like that, ever. So, Kellyanne, you’re going to fucking jail.” 

Censored Claudia Conway

Thus, it's clear, from Claudia's admission and the above censored screenshot, that Claudia took a topless teen photograph. And Amatulli shared that, per the Justice Department, Federal law prohibits the production, distribution, reception, and possession of an image of child pornography. But there has been no social media eruption over Claudia's production of a nude teen photograph. Interestingly, the age-of-consent in DC is 16. Hence, does that mean that Claudia and Kellyanne are off the hook?

Claudia Conway Dancing on TikTok

Prior to the Conway household's nude teen scandal, Kellyanne has complained to Claudia about her social media use, but other than TikToker Kristen Hancher, whom, per Distractify's Mustafa Gatollari, was banned from TikTok for promoting her OnlyFans account, most women (openly) condone nymphets dancing in thongs. 

Hancher posted on Twitter: "Funny how they [i.e., TikTok] like to keep [...] the 13 year olds wearing bikinis. Crazy." However, Taylor Lorenz opined on The New York Times' "Popcast" podcast (SEP 16, 2020) that sexualization of minors on TikTok is too focused around young women and that "there's a lot of over reaction":

I do think that, like, there's a level of empowerment. [...] Especially young women deserve. And I think that, you know, young women should feel confident in expressing themselves. You know, and if they wanna dance to a certain song and that makes them feel good and they wanna put that on the Internet [...] I worry about the kinda the sorta Boomer, "Oh back in my day we only danced to like wholesome show tunes." [...] There's just so much conversation and so much of it is around young women and that bothers me. Nobody says a single thing to these Sway boys that are literally sexualizing themselves every minute [...] by the way some of these Sway boys were doing the same thing before they turned 18 and they just don't get the same backlash that a young women does [...] I think that a lot of the concern over sexualization of minors and stuff is very focused around young women and can sometimes be used as an excuse to kind of shame them for things that you know maybe they like don't deserve it for - there's a lot of overreaction [...] 

I would reply to Lorenz that I would imagine that most Boomers would (privately) agree that both nymphets and Sway boys should avoid "dancing" in thongs on TikTok. 

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