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Musset's GAMIANI, OR TWO NIGHTS OF EXCESS: Teen Sex, Teen Lipstick Lesbians, and Teen Bestiality

Gamiani, or Two Nights of Excess [French: Gamiani, ou deux nuits d'excès] was published in the early 19th century, allegedly, by Alfred de Musset and is thought to be based on George Sand - Musset's lover. 

Here's Wikipedia's outline:
Modeled after George Sand, this work gives us a young man named Alcide observing the Countess Gamiani and a young girl named Fanny, engaged in their lesbian bed. Having watched them and provoked by their abandonment, he reveals himself, joins them, and they spend the night alternately sharing their intimate histories and their bodies. The stories they tell include the rape of one in a monastery and the nearly fatal debauchment of another in a convent, as well as encounters with a number of animals, including an ape and a donkey.
Let's begin by discussing the ages of Fanny de Pleyel and Countess Gamiani. Alcide described Fanny as: "[...] still a child; no more than fifteen years of age?" And Gamiani was: "barely older in years [than Fanny]". In other words, Fanny and Gamiani were nymphets.

Gamiani, or Two Nights of Excess is an erotic novella and is consequently filled with teen sex, teen lipstick lesbian sex, and teen bestiality; thus, we'll do an over view.

In the opening scene, Alcide observed Countess Gamiani's seduction of Fanny:
Slithering down the bed, the beautiful Italian wrenched apart the girl's thighs and buried her face between them. Fanny resisted, but only until some cunning flick of the tongue tripped that catch which unlocks a woman's body to the invasion of pleasure. With a sob, Fanny raised her knees, spread them wide, and reached down to plunge her fingers into Gamiani's luxuriant hair.

After a ménage à trois, Gamiani and Fanny shared their beginnings:

Gamiani shared that when she was 15, her aunt led her into a "vast room" and told her to "kneel down" before a monk entered, exposed Gamian's "posterior", and whipped the nymphet with "knouts, by thongs tipped with iron points." Subsequently, Gamiani's thighs were "butted", she was "penetrated", and she "uttered a terrible scream".

Next, Fanny shared that when she was 15 she had: "[...] her first experience of divine release.":
"Overcome, transported, [virtually nude and upon a divan] I grasped a pillow, squeezed it between by thighs, took another into my arms and kissed it madly, enveloping it in passion. What pleasure. It seemed to me I was melting, that I was disintegrating. I cried aloud [...] I was wet. Wet all over. Unable to understand anything, I thought I had injured myself [...]"

Lastly, it may be worth noting the nymphet bestiality in the novella:

A black dog performed cunnilingus on Gamiani. Consequently, she was in the "paroxysms of pleasure and pain" and "screaming with each new stroke". And Sainte, the Mother Superior at Gamiani's convent: "[...] was twelve when she was rocked by intolerably fierce desires." Ergo, "[...] every night. Her untaught and inadequate fingers spoiled her youth [...]" After Sainte: "[...] clapped [her] eyes on two dogs in the act of holding amorous commerce", she inexplicably: "[...] lifted her skirt and bravely backed up to the [caged] animal, her behind aimed at the redoubtable point." 

Per Queerly Phrased: Language, Gender, and Sexuality, Gamiani, ou deux nuits d'excès was a nineteenth bestseller. 

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