Sunday, August 30, 2020

CALL HER DADDY: Miley Cyrus' Pre-Teen Lipstick Lesbian Orgy

Miley Cyrus was a guest on Alexandra Cooper's Call Her Daddy podcast (August 13, 2020) where Miley shared that, when she was 11-years-old, she opined that Minnie Mouse was "super fucking hot". Alexandra responded, ""Oh my God, you're like Minnie, 'You. Me. Let's fuck!'" 

And Miley shared that she had, at least one, pre-teen lipstick lesbian orgy. 

Here's part of the relevant dialogue:

Miley Cyrus: "When I was like 11-years-old, I used to think that like Minnie Mouse was super fucking hot [...]"

Alexandra Cooper: "Oh my God, you're like Minnie, 'You. Me. Let's fuck!'"

Cyrus: "Yeah, when I was like 11 or 12 [...] I got most of my girlfriends to hookup with me."

Cooper: "That is such an amazing. That's amazing."

Cyrus: "The first time I ever hooked up with anyone was with a girl. 
Two of them."

Cooper: "And did you go past first base?"

Cyrus: "Yeah! Oh yeah!"

Cooper: "Miley's like, 'Of course. Oh my God. Absolutely.'"

Cooper: "OK. Then when did you hookup with a guy?"

Cyrus: "Ah, I hooked up with - well I didn't go all the way with a dude - [until] I was 16."

Unlike Jessica Simpson, Miley portrayed her pre-teen lipstick lesbian experience(s) in a positive light. 

Jessica Simpson shared in her memoir, Open Book, that she was "sexually abused" from the ages of six to 12 by a (one-year) older female family friend. The alleged abuse occurred during sleepovers approximately three times per year for six years. 

Simpson shared that the (one-year) older nymphet initiated the sex with 'tickling': “It would start with tickling my back and then go into things that were extremely uncomfortable.” 

But Simpson shared in a People interview that she felt like she was an abuser as well, “I allowed it to happen, so I felt that I was as much of the abuser as the abused. So I was very shameful during that time, from 6 to 12 years old.”

From our research, Simpson appears to be an anomaly and Miley is more like the nymphets in Nancy Friday's My Secret Garden: Women’s Sexual Fantasies. For example, Marina only had "a vague idea of what lovemaking was" until she met her friend - a 10-year-old Mediterranean girl. Marina and the Mediterranean nymphet used to sit at opposite ends of the bathtub and pour warm water from a Russian silver teapot all over their clitorises while caressing their bodies "with infallible, instinctive verve."

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Quibi's WHEN THE STREETLIGHTS GO ON (2020): A High School Student-Teacher Sexual Affair Turns Deadly

Here's Quibi's plot summary for When The Streetlights Go On (2020): "A double-homicide in a small midwestern suburb rattles the lives of a group of teenagers and sends investigators searching for answers in the fall of 1995. A meditation on growing up, the passing of time, and the insidious violence that lurks in the suburbs."

Oddly, Quibi didn't mention the names or descriptions of the double-homicide victims.

IMDb has a shorter but slightly more descriptive plot summary: "The residents of a small town grapple with the ruthless killing of a young girl and a teacher."

That's better, but we'll add some vital details. The young girl is Chrissy Monroe and the [English] teacher is Mr. Carpenter - Chrissy's lover. Mr. Carpenter is described as: "[...] the teacher all the guys wanted to be and all the girls wanted to be with."

I won't spoil the ending by revealing the killer(s), but I'll remind you that, unsurprisingly, teen boys and middle-aged women are typically the most adverse to age-gap relationships between nymphets and men. 

[Update] Quibi is now defunct, but the shows are moving to the Roku channel. 

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Lifetime's INSTAPSYCHO (2020): A High School Student Obsessed with a Teacher & Teen Instagram Thirst Traps

Here's the About the Movie from My Lifetime for InstaPsycho (2020): "When a selfie goes fatally wrong, Gwen must protect her daughter, Maddie, from her social media obsessed best friend."

It's clear from the beginning of InstaPsycho that Maddie (Laura Wiggins) is "obsessed" with Mr. Davenport - her high school English teacher. 

Kelly, Maddie's classmate, opined, "He's totally doable."
Kelly went on to say to Maddie, "Don't act like you're not thinking about it all day. You're obsessed [with your English teacher]."

Kelly had her own obsession problem stemming from her step-father, whom she faux seduced in a pair of short grey tights into drinking a poisonous substance. 

Like Law & Order: SVU, Lifetime uses the allure of nymphets to get views. And the nymphets in InstaPsycho used their allure to get views on social media.

In one scene, Kelly wore a stolen bra on Instagram Live and asked her viewers, "What do you think?" 

In another scene, Kelly took a selfie - up. her. shorts. When Maddie questioned Kelly about the risqué social media post, Kelly replied, "So [...] Like what you see? Hashtag pee-ka-boo."

Subsequently, in an effort to "step up" their social media game, Kelly suggested to Maddie that they kiss. 

However, Maddie suggested that they write "Suck It Sasha" across their cleavages. 

The most interesting scene in InstaPsycho was when Mr. Davenport was accused of having an affair with Maddie - as evidenced by a pair of Maddie's hot pink panties in Mr. Davenport's desk drawer. 

That scene was particularly interesting because, not only did the principal suspend Mr. Davenport, the principal suspended Maddie too, which is highly unusual, because students are not typically reprimanded in teacher-student relationships - even if it's revealed that the student liedTheoretically, a high school nymphet could seduce and have sex with an unlimited number English teachers, and she would go unscathed. 

Lastly, while we were watching InstaPsycho, we were trying to figure out how we knew Laura Wiggins, and an IMDb search revealed that we knew her from Shameless

Sunday, August 16, 2020

Frank Bidart’s “Herbert White”: A Nympholept Necrophiliac Serial Killer

Herbert White (2010), Directing Herbert White (2014), and “Directing Herbert White” are three James Franco pieces that are based on Frank Bidart’s poem “Herbert White”:

Here are some relevant excerpts from Bidart’s “Herbert White”, which is about a married, with kids, serial killer who kidnaps nymphets and rapes them - even after death. And when the nymphet’s bodies become too decomposed for necrophilia, Herbert  masturbated “letting it fall on her” :

When I hit her on the head, it was good,

and then I did it to her a couple of times,—[...] I liked to drive past the woods where she lay,

tell the old lady and the kids I had to take a piss,

hop out and do it to her... [...] When the body got too discomposed,

I'd just jack off, letting it fall on her…[...] well, like I said, she didn't move: and I saw,

under me, a little girl was just lying there in the mud: [...] I got in the truck, and started to drive,

and saw a [new] little girl—

who I picked up, hit on the head, and

screwed, and screwed, and screwed, and screwed, then


in the garden of the motel…[...] — About six months ago, I heard Dad remarried,

so I drove over to Connecticut to see him and see

if he was happy.

She was twenty-five years younger than him: [...] I kept thinking about getting a [new] girl,

and the more I thought I shouldn't do it,

the more I had to—

I saw her coming out of the movies,

saw she was alone, and

kept circling the

blocks as she walked along them,

saying, 'You're going to leave her alone.'

'You're going to leave her alone.'

Except for the part where the serial killer visited his father, whom married a woman “twenty-five years younger than him”, Franco’s Herbert White (2010) depicts that poem very closely; thus, let us take a look at “Directing Herbert White” where we learn that Bidart, a Pulitzer Prize winning poet, wrote “Herbert White” while he was a student at Harvard and that Herbert White is based on “The Necrophiliac” - a medical case study in 21 Abnormal Sex Cases

Franco went on to share in “Directing Herbert White”: “James [Franco] knew after hearing the poem read in class at Warren Wilson [College] that it was something he wanted to adapt to film. These impulses are visceral.” Yes. The allure of nymphets does cause some men to have visceral impulses

Yet for some reason, Franco wrote: “Herbert has a secret - he’s a murderer of women and a fucker of corpses - which he can tell no one,” instead of: “Herbert has a secret - he’s a murderer of nymphets and a fucker of teen corpses - which he can tell no one.” 

Herbert White (2010)

Thursday, August 13, 2020

I USED TO GO HERE (2020): A Professor and Student in Bed Causes Jealousy

Here is Rotten Tomatoes' Movie Info for I Used to Go Here (2020):

Following the lackluster launch of her debut novel [...] Kate Conklin (Gillian Jacobs) receives an invitation from her former professor and old crush [David Kirkpatrick](Jemaine Clement) to speak at her alma mater. With her book tour cancelled, and her ego deflated, Kate decides to take the trip, wondering if returning to her old college as a published author might give her the morale boost she sorely needs. Instead, she falls into [...] feelings of jealousy toward her former professor's new favorite student [...]

In the film, Kate and April's ex-boyfriend suspected that April was having an affair with professor Kirkpatrick. Consequently, Kate, April's ex, and some college students invaded the professor's home, only to discover the married professor in bed with April - his creative writing student. 

Interestingly, Kate was jealous of April, because when Kate was professor Kirkpatrick's student, she tried to kiss him, but he didn't oblige. Instead, the professor read Kate the rules against professor-student affairs from the faculty guidebook.  

Peter Travers of Rolling Stone gave I Used to Go Here 3.5 out of 5 starts and opined (August 6, 2020):

Gillian Jacobs [Kate] stars in this scrappy college comedy about a failed author who visits her alma mater looking for a confidence boost. Don't be fooled by filmmaker Kris Rey's playful style - her characters walk the same moral minefields as the rest of us. 

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

TEEN VOGUE & TikTok: Masturbating Nymphets [Teens] | Two (Magic Wand) Vibrators Are Better Than One

We hadn't viewed a Teen Vogue Instagram (IG) story in some time; thus, fearful that we had missed some relevant advice for teens, we recently took a look and lo and behold we learned that Anna Borges advised the Teen Vogue IG account followers to have not one - but two (Magic Wand) vibrators. 

Borges wrote in the post "The Magic Wand Vibrator Is So Good I Own Two: It’s all fun and games until your vibe dies while you’re using it.":

If you’re a [teen] lover of vibrators, chances are you’ve lived this nightmare at least once: You’re masturbating or playing with a partner, you’re vibing, you’re having a good time, and just when you’re really drowning in pleasure, everything stops. Battery dead. Vibrations gone. Clit sad. Impending orgasm ruined. It’s the worst. And until recently, it wasn’t really an experience I tried to problem-solve.

But recently, I stumbled on a solution: Owning two of my favorite vibrators so one is always charged. I know, I’m a visionary.

Interestingly, Borges' article originally appeared in Self - a magazine for non-teens, but someone thought that it was a grand idea to share the information with Teen Vogue's readers. Per Condé Nast, Teen Vogue's publisher: "Teen Vogue is the young person’s guide to saving the world [two (Magic Wand) vibrators at a time]." 

We suspect that Borges' article is an advertisement for Babeland whom, based on potential market research, may be aware that, per TikTok, nymphets typically don't use vibrators to masturbate. Instead, teens masturbate with hair brushes, ice cubes, jacuzzi jets, shower heads, and vibrating phones. 


Sunday, August 9, 2020

Netflix's BABY (2019): Schoolgirl Teen Prostitutes in Rome

We were doing some research on the second season of Big Mouth (2019) when Netflix suggested the second season of Baby (2019). We were charmed by the thumbnail, intrigued by the plot summary, and entertained by the trailer. And absorbed by Emily Tannenbaum's Cosmopolitan article "The True Story Behind Netflix's 'Baby' Is Even More Disturbing Than the Show".

Here's Netflix's plot summary: At an exclusive private high school, student athlete Chiara forges an unlikely bond with rebellious classmate Ludovica [...].

But it wasn't until we read Tannenbaum's article that we realized that the "unlikely bond" between Chiara and Ludovica is teen prostitution and that the teen drama is based on a true story - the 'Baby Squillo' (i.e., baby prostitute) scandal.
Tannenbaum shared:
[...] Baby is a grime-stained window into the lives of various students who attend an exclusive Roman high school. Mostly, the series focuses on Chiara (Benedetta Porcaroli) and Ludovica (Alice Pagani), who turn to high-end prostitution to make money.

THE TRUE STORY: Back in 2014, it was discovered [...] that two high school girls in the wealthy district of Parioli, Rome were selling their bodies [like (some) Japanese schoolgirls] for sex in order to buy luxury products like designer clothes and electronics [...] [A] dozen more girls were involved in the underage prostitution ring, but it "centers on a 14-year-old [Agnese] and a 16-year-old [Angela] who told investigating prosecutor Cristina Macchiusi that they got into the game by searching 'easy money' on Google."
A number of men, including a descendant of Mussolini, were arrested for not being able to resist the allure of Italian nymphet prostitutes, but (unsurprisingly) none of the teen prostitutes were arrested.

And just like Demi Moore's mother, Agnese's mother encouraged men to exchange sex for money with her teen daughter.

In addition, Tannenbaum wrote that: "[...] Baby has been the subject of massive pushback from the National Center on Sexual Exploitation for "glamorizing" the true story of the 'Baby Squillo' scandal [...]" In response to the pushback, Netflix Vice President of International Originals Kelly Luegenbiehl said, “The first thing that we are always looking for is authenticity, and this show has that."
In addition to schoolgirl prostitution, two other motifs stood out from Baby: raunchy Rome based prep school students and materialism. For example, the directors made it a point to show Roman teens in thongs.

And there were some notable quotes about teen prostitution from the series. For instance, Chiara shared with Ludovica that she liked how a john treated her like an adult, "He treated me like a grown up."
One of the Roman pimps said in reference to Chiara and Ludovica, "We're helping them do something they freely chose to do. Did I force them to come here tonight? [...] Of course not."
When a john asked Ludovica, "Sorry, but how old are you?"
Ludovica replied, "Do you want me to be a little girl or a big girl?"
john, "Thanks, but I don't go with minors. Sorry."
Ludovica replied, "What's the problem? It's consensual." Thereby, dispelling the principle held my many that a teen can't consent to underage prostitution.
A non-teen prostitute asked Chiara a rhetorical question about why Chiara volunteered to be a teen prostitute and she answered that Chiara did it because Chiara liked being a teen prostitute, Chiara liked feeling in control, she liked that she could do whatever she pleased, and she liked feeling powerful.

And Chiara shared with a classmate, "It might sound crazy, but sometimes I feel more comfortable with them [i.e., older johns] than with guys our age."
Lastly, per Netflix Italia's Twitter page, season 3 of Baby is scheduled to begin streaming in September.