Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Lifetime's INSTAPSYCHO (2020): A High School Student Obsessed with a Teacher & Teen Instagram Thirst Traps

Here's the About the Movie from My Lifetime for InstaPsycho (2020): "When a selfie goes fatally wrong, Gwen must protect her daughter, Maddie, from her social media obsessed best friend."

It's clear from the beginning of InstaPsycho that Maddie (Laura Wiggins) is "obsessed" with Mr. Davenport - her high school English teacher. 

Kelly, Maddie's classmate, opined, "He's totally doable."
Kelly went on to say to Maddie, "Don't act like you're not thinking about it all day. You're obsessed [with your English teacher]."

Kelly had her own obsession problem stemming from her step-father, whom she faux seduced in a pair of short grey tights into drinking a poisonous substance. 

Like Law & Order: SVU, Lifetime uses the allure of nymphets to get views. And the nymphets in InstaPsycho used their allure to get views on social media.

In one scene, Kelly wore a stolen bra on Instagram Live and asked her viewers, "What do you think?" 

In another scene, Kelly took a selfie - up. her. shorts. When Maddie questioned Kelly about the risqué social media post, Kelly replied, "So [...] Like what you see? Hashtag pee-ka-boo."

Subsequently, in an effort to "step up" their social media game, Kelly suggested to Maddie that they kiss. 

However, Maddie suggested that they write "Suck It Sasha" across their cleavages. 

The most interesting scene in InstaPsycho was when Mr. Davenport was accused of having an affair with Maddie - as evidenced by a pair of Maddie's hot pink panties in Mr. Davenport's desk drawer. 

That scene was particularly interesting because, not only did the principal suspend Mr. Davenport, the principal suspended Maddie too, which is highly unusual, because students are not typically reprimanded in teacher-student relationships - even if it's revealed that the student liedTheoretically, a high school nymphet could seduce and have sex with an unlimited number English teachers, and she would go unscathed. 

Lastly, while we were watching InstaPsycho, we were trying to figure out how we knew Laura Wiggins, and an IMDb search revealed that we knew her from Shameless

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