Thursday, August 13, 2020

I USED TO GO HERE (2020): A Professor and Student in Bed Causes Jealousy

Here is Rotten Tomatoes' Movie Info for I Used to Go Here (2020):

Following the lackluster launch of her debut novel [...] Kate Conklin (Gillian Jacobs) receives an invitation from her former professor and old crush [David Kirkpatrick](Jemaine Clement) to speak at her alma mater. With her book tour cancelled, and her ego deflated, Kate decides to take the trip, wondering if returning to her old college as a published author might give her the morale boost she sorely needs. Instead, she falls into [...] feelings of jealousy toward her former professor's new favorite student [...]

In the film, Kate and April's ex-boyfriend suspected that April was having an affair with professor Kirkpatrick. Consequently, Kate, April's ex, and some college students invaded the professor's home, only to discover the married professor in bed with April - his creative writing student. 

Interestingly, Kate was jealous of April, because when Kate was professor Kirkpatrick's student, she tried to kiss him, but he didn't oblige. Instead, the professor read Kate the rules against professor-student affairs from the faculty guidebook.  

Peter Travers of Rolling Stone gave I Used to Go Here 3.5 out of 5 starts and opined (August 6, 2020):

Gillian Jacobs [Kate] stars in this scrappy college comedy about a failed author who visits her alma mater looking for a confidence boost. Don't be fooled by filmmaker Kris Rey's playful style - her characters walk the same moral minefields as the rest of us. 

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