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BABY Season 3: "Child [Teen] Prostitution in Rome's Wealthiest District"

Chiara and Ludovica

We wrote previously about seasons 1 and 2 of Netflix's Baby, which is based on the 2014 true story of teen prostitutes in Parioli, Rome:

THE TRUE STORY form Cosmopolitan's Emily Tannenbaum: Back in 2014, it was discovered [...] that two high school girls in the wealthy district of Parioli, Rome were selling their bodies [like (some) Japanese schoolgirls] for sex in order to buy luxury products like designer clothes and electronics [...] [A] dozen more girls were involved in the underage prostitution ring, but it "centers on a 14-year-old [Agnese] and a 16-year-old [Angela] who told investigating prosecutor Cristina Macchiusi that they got into the game by searching 'easy money' on Google."

Season 3 of Baby is the conclusion of the series and depicts the (seeming) end of the Roman teen prostitution ring. For this post, I decided to relate some relevant quotes from Ludovica Storti and Chiara Altieri - the two high school students by day and teen prostitutes by evening. 

Interestingly, Chiara admitted that she knew what she was doing, and like 14-year-old [Agnese] and a 16-year-old [Angela], the real-life teen prostitutes, Chiara stated that no one forced her into teen prostitution and that she was not a victim. However, unlike the real-life teen prostitutes, Ludovica lied and said that she was "seduced and manipulated" by a Roman pimp. Unsurprisingly, in the series, the authorities disbelieved Chiara and believed Ludovica. 

S03E01: Ludovica admitted that her mother knew that she as a teen prostitute. And Chiara shared that being a teen prostitute made her feel "stronger" and "good".

Ludovica Storti [teen prostitute]: "Why are you acting like this? You knew what I was doing."

Simonetta [Ludovica's mother]: "I never imagined that you'd go this far."

Chiara Altieri [teen prostitute]: "Having a secret made me feel stronger [...] I know it's wrong. That it's horrible. But it makes me feel good."

S03E02: When a middle-aged john asked Chiara why she "does what she does", she simply replied, "Tomorrow after school."

middle-aged john: "I just want to know why a girl like you does what she does."

Chiara: "Tomorrow after school."

S03E03: When Elsa, Chiara's mother, implied that Chiara didn't realize what she was doing, Chiara replied that she as a "whore" - a [teen] "prostitute". And Chiara informed a confused john's wife, "But I'm not a victim." 

Chiara: "What do you want from me? To give up like you and be a good little girl?"

Elsa [Chiara's mother]: "You've no idea what you're doing."

Chiara: "Yes I do [...] I'm a whore - a [teen] prostitute!"

elderly john's wife: "Has he ever made you do anything against your will?"

Chiara: "No. Whenever I saw him it was because I wanted to see him [...] I was free to choose [...] I'm sorry about your husband. But I'm not a victim."

S03E04: When an attorney told Chiara that she was "exploited" and taken "full advantage " of,  Chiara responded by stating that she wanted to take "responsibility" for her actions.

attorney: "[...] those men, Chiara, were adults [...] They exploited a young girl. They took full advantage of you in your moment of weakness [...]"

Chiara: "I wanted to take responsibility."

S03E05: Unsurprisingly, a police officer assumed that Chiara and Ludovica were forced into teen prostitution and thereby offered to let them escape. 

Police officer to : "[...] I won't tell anyone I found you."

S03E06: In the last episode, Ludovica lied and said that she was "seduced and manipulated" by a Roman pimp, but Chiara admitted that she had sex with middle-aged men on her "own free will."

lawyer: "So to be clear. You decided to go back to Mr. Fiorenzi [a pimp] based on the advice you got from your mother and best friend [Chiara]"

Ludovica: "No. That's not how it happened. I was seduced and manipulated by Claudio Fiorenzi."

psychologist: "Do you ever feel regret?"

Chiara: "No [...] He knew he had no power over me [...] These things didn't happen by chance. I did them on my own free will."

Lastly, just like in seasons 1 and 2, season 3 of Baby took full advantage of the allure of nymphets by showing Chiara and Ludovica in alluring situations. In addition to Chiara being with a number of middle-aged johns, in episode 3 Chiara (randomly) masturbated (in a chair), and in episode 5, Chiara and Ludovica went for a swim in the sea - in their bras and panties.

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