Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Netflix's GRAND ARMY: Braless, Twerking, and Gagging Teens

Netflix's Grand Army (2020) was created, written, and executive produced by Katie Cappiello and is based on Cappiello's Slut: A Play. The main storyline in the play and the series is about Joey who was sexually assaulted, in the back of a New York City taxi, by her high school classmates. But to stretch the play into (9) nine streaming episodes, Cappiello added a number of (raunchy teen) scenarios. Thereby, utilizing the allure of nymphets. Let's take a look at how Cappiello stretched Slut: A Play into Grand Army.


Joey (Odessa A'zion) helped a classmate remove a condom from her vagina. 

A "Bomb Pussy List" was created that listed the 50 Most Fuckable Females @ Grand Army High. Leila, a freshman who made the list, responded, "Oh my God! Wait. Does this mean that they wanna fuck me? [...] Like what's the criteria for an amazing pussy?' 

A high school house party included teen lipstick lesbians, cocaine, and teen sex. 


Joey started a Grand Army High | Free the Nipple campaign: "Braless. Boundless. Blow up the patriarchy."  

Prompted by her entry on the "Bomb Pussy List" and being told, "George likes deep throating. How's your gag reflex?", Leila watched an oral sex instructional video - during class.

Ultimately, Leila gave George a hand job, but later George shared with Joey, "She couldn't make me cum. I had to finish myself off." 

Joey got her nipples pierced and proudly sexted a photo to the group chat. 


This episode opened with twerking teen cheerleaders - in spandex shorts. 

In the sexual assault taxi scene, Cappiello added a vibrator that was gifted to Joey at the movie theater by a middle-aged man. "It's a little mini vibrator just for me." 

In what appeared to be an insensitive choice, after Joey was forcibly fingered by a classmate, "You're so wet," the episode ended with Tommy Genesis' "Play with It". Here's the pre-chorus: 

Play wit' the pussy, wanna play wit’ the pussy 

Come get a hooky, baby, come get a hooky 

I wanna fuck you, baby, I wanna fuck you 

If we not fuckin', baby, come get it poppin' 


Here are two lines from the feminist high school play: 

"I even bought edible underwear." 

"I deserve an earth shattering full-body experience. I want the tickle. I want the explosion. I want to gasp for air. I want to scream [...]"

And Joey wasn't the only nymphet into sexting. Leila shared with a classmate, "I let him touch my boobs. I sent him nudes. I shaved my vag." 


By episode 5, Leila finally gave George a "blow job" - in the drama department. "I gave him a blow job today in the drama department. And I swallowed, which is gross, but I didn't know what else to do." 

And speaking of teen oral sex, two nymphets demonstrated their gag reflexes via heart shaped suckers - in the library.

Lastly, and surprisingly, Grand Army was not renewed for a second season, which I suspect was (partly) due to the fact that, as Entertainment Weekly reported, three writers of color left the series due to alleged "racist exploitation and abuse". 

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