Monday, March 18, 2013

Lauren Myracle's TTYL - Nymphets Squirting

I recently finished Lauren Myracle's ttyl. Before I read the Young Adult (YA) novel, I didn't realize that it was on the American Library Association's list of books people want to ban. Of course, I read it to review the age-discrepant relationship between the English teacher and Zoe, his 15-year-old student, but I was surprised when I read that:

  1. 15-year-old Angela was excited about the opportunity to fantasize about her classmates "summer sausage" when she did her homework 
  2. 15-year-old Margaret, "...ejaculates...she squirts when she comes." 
  3. 15-year-old Angela wanted to have a relationship with a bohemian Georgia State University (GSU) student, but he already had Leslie, a fellow GSU student, and more importantly, he didn't realize that Angela had a crush on him, and 
  4. 15-year-old Maddie danced topless on a table at a GSU frat party as camera phones snapped away. 

In terms of the English teacher/student relationship in the novel, Zoe was initially attracted to her teacher because, "... he's NICE. cuz he treated me like i was a person instead of a kid. that what was so great - we were just ppl having a discussion." They went out several times, but when Mr. H invited Zoe to join him in the hot tube with a pair of Speedos on, he "paralyzed" her and she ended the relationship. 

The fact that the genre is named, Young Adult, is very telling...

Abigail Pesta on why Lauren Myracle is America’s most hated author/via The Daily Beast

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