Tuesday, March 5, 2013

CW's LIFE UNEXPECTED: A Nymphet Hides Her Age

On CW's Life Unexpected (season 2 episode 2), 16-year-old Lux discovered that Eric was her new English teacher after they kissed. 

Lux wanted to continue the relationship, but for obvious reasons Eric wanted to stop seeing his student romantically.

The English teacher exclaimed, "If I would have known that you were 16!" 
To which his student exclaimed, "Then nothing would have happened" 

Thereby, letting her teacher know that she didn't disclose that she was a nymphet, because she feared that they would not have "made out".

Life Unexpected only lasted two seasons. In contrast, the teen drama Pretty Little Liars last seven seasons while the teacher precariously decided not to end his affair with his student . 

Life Unexpected (Season 2 Episode 2) Clip: 
A Nymphet Hides Her Age

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