Thursday, September 30, 2021

LAW & ORDER: SVU (s23e01&02) | Teen Not "Sex" Sex with Congressman?

In the season 23 premiere of Law & Order: SVU, congressman Howard forced women to have sex with him or return to homeless shelters. However, as congressman Howard tired of "mama fat", he desired a "flat and sleeknymphet, and he asked Dr. Catalina Machado, "Aren’t there deserving homeless families with, uh, teenage daughters?"

In the meantime, congressman Howard had the following conversation with his assistant:

congressman Howard: "It’s been a busy week, and we need to unwind. What about those girls who interned last summer?"
assistant: "They were still in high school, boss."
congressman Howard: “Just make sure they have IDs. Ooh, that petite blond. She was like a colt.”
assistant: “Oh, Jenna.”
congressman Howard: “That’s her. That’s my little pony. And her cute friend.”
assistant: “Hayden.”

Later, to entrap congressman Howard, 16-year-old Jenna Evans and Hayden Smith were invited to a fundraiser where Jenna was roofied. 

After being drugged at the fundraiser, Jenna was questioned in Mercy Hospital by NYPD. 

And once she was reminded, "You're 16 Jenna," Jenna shared that she takes Addy, which she purchases online. She related that she met the congressman while on a class trip to D.C., and after she gave him her number and her Insta, he started sending her cars to bring her to parties (e.g., He had a Fourth of July party on a yacht.”)

Very interestingly, after Detective Amanda Rollins asked Jenna, “Have you two ever had sex?”, Jenna confessed, “Not “sex” sex. I give him massages. That’s not illegal. He told me so. He went to law school.”

Thus, we learned from Jenna that during her summer vacation from high school, she partied with the congressman and gave him handjobs. Now the question is, were the teen handjobs given in Bayonne, Jenny's hometown across the pond where the age-of-consent is 16, or in The Big Apple?

Based on Jenny's position that the handjobs were not illegal, could one assume that they were given in Bayonne? #rhetoricalquestion

Mind Bogglingly, Detective Tamin informed Jenna, “Jenna, you are not in any trouble, okay. Whatever happened. That’s on him.” [Emphasis added]

At least, the NYPD detectives could had told Jenny that she should avoid buying Addy online and giving teen handjobs to congressmen. #smh

We learned from the next episode (s23e02) that Jenna lied to NYPD. She did have "sex" sex with the congressman. Jenna's mother confessed to NYPD that after Jenna met the congressman on class trip during freshman year, they texted, she did a summer internship in his office, and when Jenna turned 15, she and the congressman had sex. Subsequently, unbeknownst to the congressman, Jenna got an abortion.

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