Sunday, October 3, 2021

AMERICAN HORROR STORY: Teen Kaia Gerber's (Ironic) Student Teacher Sex Scene

As it relates to this blog, it's sufficient to post that part 2 of American Horror Story: Double Feature is about aliens impregnating humans. 

What's more relevant to the allure of nymphets is that in season 10 episode 7, Kendall Carr (Kaia Gerber), a 22-year-old Harvard student, shared with her friends from high school that she was having a sexual affair with her "50 Years of Technology" bearded Harvard professor. 

"He was brilliant. So, I asked if I could pick his brain after class." [I added emphasis to "pick his brain", because there was a flashback to Kendall and her professor having sex in Kendall's dorm room below a Harvard pennant."

Prior to Kendall oversharing, Cal Cambon, a 21-year-old Princeton student, informed Kendall and the crew that he regretted doing summer internships, because most of time he was fetching coffee for Congressmen with nymphet girlfriends. 

"Why did I say yes to those internships wasting my summers away getting coffee for douchebag Facebook execs and Congressmen with 16-year-old girlfriends."

We're shocked that Gerber accepted the role of Kendall Carr, because, after Gerber's age-gap affair with Pete Davidson ended, she appeared to be anti-age-gap affairs. (Gerber was 18 and Davidson was 26.)

Unsurprisingly, American Horror Story and American Horror Stories: Rubber (Wo)man have taken full advantage of Gerber's teen* allure. For example, in addition to her coed-professor sex scene, she has been a teen lipstick lesbian, shown in a sheer teddy and, for the pleasure of men with teen foot fetishes, a close-up of Gerber's manicured feet were displayed.

Kaia Gerber in American Horror Stories Rubber (Wo)man

* Gerber turned 20 on the 3rd of September; thus, she was a teen when American Horror Story: Double Feature and American Horror StoriesRubber (Wo)man were filmed. 

Interestingly, per Teen Vogue, Gerber has watched American Horror Story religiously. And she filmed her audition tape with her famous mother, but it was "a little bit uncomfortable", because it was scene between Ruby and Scarlett - the nubile lipstick lesbians. 
“Half of my life I've spent religiously watching American Horror Story,” Kaia told Entertainment Tonight in a recent interview. “I've seen every season, and I know how all the different storylines connect.”

Kaia also recounted details of her American Horror Stories audition, noting that she didn’t try out for the role in-person, but rather filmed a taped audition at home…with her mom, Cindy Crawford. 

As for filming with her mom, well. “As you can imagine, [it was] a little bit uncomfortable to do with my mom,” Kaia shared with ET, explaining that she read a scene between Ruby and her love interest, Scarlett. “But she was trooper and helped me a lot.”

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