Monday, October 4, 2021

BIRDS OF PARADISE (2021): Teen Lipstick Lesbian Ballerinas in Paris

Here's the Movie Info for Amazon's Birds of Paradise (2021) from Rotten Tomatoes:

Kate Sanders is an ambitious and gifted [...] aspiring ballerina from Virginia who, because of her low-income status, is given a scholarship to attend a prestigious ballet school in Paris, France. Upon arriving at the cutthroat, internationally-renowned institution, her confidence and emotional fortitude are tested by a beautiful, mysterious fellow dancer, Marine Durand, who recently lost her [twin] brother (and dance partner) to suicide. While confrontational at first, Kate and Marine’s relationship evolves into an emotionally-charged, competitive union beset by lies, sexual awakening [...] as they risk everything to win the school’s ultimate prize: a contract to join the Opéra national de Paris.
It turns out that Marine Durand's (Kristine Froseth) brother committed suicide (off camera) after their mother caught him and his sister while home on summer holiday (off camera). 

Marine said that she and her brother were "rehearsing", but their mother thought that they were in an passionate incentious embrace. And the mother blamed Marine whom shared with with Kate Sanders (Diana Silvers): 
"She hates me. I don't blame her. It was my fault. [...] She screamed. So loud. And she pulled us apart, and she slapped me."

IRL, Diana Silvers is 23, but she could pass for 18, which is her age in Birds of Paradise; therefore, how about some teen ballerina lipstick lesbianism in exchange for some streams. After some ballet but before a threesome with a ballerino, Kate and Marine engage is some passionate caressing and kissing. 

And while at a fête à Paris, to her mother's displeasure, Marine shared a flute of champagne, caressed, and flirted with a daper (upper) middle-aged man. Teleiophile

Jeannette Catsoulis wrote in her New York Times review (Sept. 23, 2021):
"[...] [cinematographer] Shaheen Seth’s camera roams once more over bodies in motion, giving their gracefulness a chilling edge that tells us however beautiful the dance, it’s inseparable from the ugliness beneath."

Diana Silvers in Booksmart (2019)

Lastly, Birds of Paradise is adapted from A.K. Small’s YA novel Bright Burning Stars. And Birds of Paradise (2021) wasn't Diana Silvers' first teen lipstick lesbian scene. Previously, she had a teen sex scene in Booksmart (2019) where she was (mistakingly) fingered - anally! 

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