Monday, October 25, 2021

'Best Booty Ever': Teen Spandex Volleyball Shorts | Why?

GNBV 14U Gold Finals
Hendrickson & Snipes v. Adishian & Le Blanc

Previously, we wrote a post about European teen handballers competing in (cheeky) bikinis and a post about the super short skirts of French ball girls and teen tennis players. 

Now the question is: Why do (most) [teen] beach volleyball players choose to compete in (cheeky) bikinis? 

Unlike in handball, it doesn't appear that wearing a (cheeky) bikinis is mandatory. For example, in the GNBV 14U Gold Finals (Nov 7, 2020), Hendrickson & Snipes choose to compete in (cheeky) bikinis, but Adishian & Le Blanc competed in (non-spandex) shorts.

As for indoor volleyball, (most) [teen] players compete in spandex volleyball shorts. Why?

Mandy MS posted "Why Are Volleyball Shorts so Short and Tight?" (APR 9, 2020) on How They Play. Mandy wrote that, due to the popularity of spandex, volleyball players switched from non-spandex shorts to spandex in the 1970s but not to sexualize nymphet volleyball players:

[Volleyball] didn't become a widespread college and high school level sport until the 70s after the NAIA and NCAA had introduced it as a varsity level sport.

As the synthetic material spandex became more popular in the late 1970s, many teams started switching over to spandex as part of their uniform. Both in the United States and internationally, women were wearing what was commonly referred to as "bun huggers" with greater frequency. 

Despite what many may have you believe. The shorts were not chosen with a desire to sexualize your daughters or to add sex appeal and spectators to the sport. The shorts were chosen for comfort and practicality.

Do you believe that the switch to spandex "bun huggers" was for for comfort and practicality and not to sexualize volleyball players? #rhetoricalquestion

Interestingly, Aeropostale sells the Best Booty Ever Solid Volleyball Shorts in the website's Girls Bottoms section. The teen volleyball shorts are described as: Booty Enhancing | Contoured seaming and feminine ruching on the back. 

St. Francis versus Palo Alto High School

But Mandy didn't explain why (some) [teen] volleyball players congratulate their teammates with a slap on their spandex "bun huggers". Take for example the 2011 St. Francis versus Palo Alto High School volleyball game where numbers 6, 13 and 14 seemed to be particularly fond of congratulating each other via checking, clasping, and clutching cheeks. 

But we do know why (some) [teen] volleyball players display their spandex "bun huggers" on TikTok. #likes #comments #follows

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