Sunday, May 24, 2015

French Nymphet Ball Girls & Teen Tennis Players: Why Super Short Skirts?

I've been [unsuccessfully] doing research on the history of Catholic schoolgirl uniforms, and it dawned on me during a French Open broadcast, that like the male and female private school uniforms, there's a disparity between the length of the male and female tennis wear. 

As you can observe from the above GIFs, the tennis skirts of the nymphet ball girls and Fiona Ferro, the 18-year-old French tennis player, barely covers their hillocks. Consequently, their spandex covered hillocks are often exposed when they bend over, run or serve. But the shorts of the ball boys and the male tennis players almost always extend to their knees.

As one can safely assume that those teen ball girls and nymphet tennis players are causing a lot of nympholepsy among the French hebephiles, the questions remain: 
Who determined the length of the Roland-Garros ball girl uniforms? 
Who determined the length of the female tennis player uniforms? 
And who determined the length of the Catholic schoolgirl uniforms?


  1. I noticed a similar discrepancy in Google images recently.

    If you search for [schoolgirl stock photo], row upon row of sexualised schoolgirls in short skirts come up. The results you get with [schoolboy stock photo] are much more plain and non-sexual.

    Young girls are hot and everyone knows it, which makes it puzzling as to why men's interest in them is seen as perverted.