Saturday, September 3, 2016

PERRAS (2011): A Mexican Schoolgirl's Sex with Senator "Every Possible Way"

Here's IMDb's plot summary for Perras (2011) [English: Bitches]:
Ten girls are suspected of committing a horrible crime, and until they confess, they won't be able to leave their school.

While the schoolgirls waited, in between frolicking and raunchy lipstick lesbian behavior, they shared personal stories.

Seventeen-year-old Patricia shared that she was expelled from Regio, her previous "fancy" school, after her mother examined a picture of Patricia with a senator's "thing" in her mouth.

Patricia described the senator as "cute", "good looking", with "plump lips", "a tiny nose" and a "tight butt". The senator had a reputation for raping girls from fancy schools, but Patricia confessed, "We weren't scared. Actually, we all prayed for him to look at us."

The first time the senator delayed Patricia, he unzipped his pants and Patricia boasted "I knew what he wanted." And two weeks later, after he ordered her to remove her schoolgirl uniform, she bragged, "I fucked him in every possible way."

Perras was originally a 2008 play that was written by Guillermo Ríos - the film's director. The film premiered two years later in Mexico City.

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