Saturday, September 3, 2016

Marianne Sinclair's HOLLYWOOD LOLITAs | Leading Men & Teen Starlet Sex

Marianne Sinclair's Hollywood Lolita

I used anecdotes from Marianne Sinclair's Hollywood Lolita to enlighten the second edition of The Allure of Nymphets. Here's a sampling:

1. I related in The Allure of Nymphets and in a previous post that Sarracino and Scott wrote in The Porning of America that 44-year-old Frank Sinatra had an affair with 14-year-old Tuesday Weld. Tuesday ironically became famous for turning down the role of Lolita in Kubrick’s adaptation of the novel. But Marianne Sinclair shared in Hollywood Lolita that Tuesday declared, “I didn't have to play Lolita, I was Lolita.” 

Tuesday Weld

In addition to her affair with Sinatra, “Tuesday, by her own admission, was having her first 'real affair' at eleven [...]” Tuesday's other famous lovers included Albert Finney, John Barrymore, Terence Stamp, George Hamilton and Gary Lockwood. As for her film career, Tuesday eventually accepted a role in the movie Pretty Poison (1968) as Sue Ann, a high school cheerleader who had an affair with a middle-aged ex-convict. 

2. In 1977, Academy Award nominated film director Roman Polanski admittedly drugged, raped and sodomized 13-year-old Samantha Geimer. Judge Laurence J. Rittenband sentenced Polanski to a 90-day evaluation but forty-two days later Polanski’s psychiatric report recommended that he be released with time served.

Sinclair shared that after Polanski returned to Europe, not only did he film Tess (1979), which won three Oscars, but that the 49-year-old filmmaker began a relationship with Nastassja Kinski, the 15-year-old star of the film. Kinski defended Polanski's rape of Geimer by stating that Polanski was the victim and that he was “unfairly condemned because he was famous.” 

Nastassja Kinski

But maybe none of this should be surprising after reading Polanski's confession. Polanski confessed to cameramen at the 1977 Cannes Film Festival, “I've never hidden the fact that I love young girls. Once and for all, I love very young girls.” And he confided in his autobiography “Many women seem irresistibly attracted by notoriety, and many – especially since the Los Angeles affair – are eager to meet me.”

Sinclair wrote “Predictably, Pretty Baby did for Brooke what Taxi Driver had done for Jodie. At twelve-years-old, Brooke became 'The World's Youngest Sex Symbol'”. Sinclair shared an anecdote from Terri, Shields' mother, about the first time her daughter posed in the nude.
“When Brooke was eight, she was asked to pose nude, and it was no problem. She just took her clothes off, put her foot on a chair. [And asked,] “This is the sort of thing you want?”

Elizabeth Taylor and Robert Taylor

Sinclaire related that Elizabeth Taylor “had a large bust at an age when many girls are still as flat as boys,” “Her very first date, arranged by MGM, was with a thirty-five-year-old studio escort, when she was only fourteen,” and by the age of 16 she was considered “a full-blown sex-goddess' when she played the spouse of 37-seven-year-old Robert Taylor in the spy film Conspirator (1949). On the set of the film Taylor complained to her tutor, “How can I concentrate on my education when Robert Taylor keeps sticking his tongue down my throat?”

Beverly Aadland & Errol Flynn

Lastly, Beverly Aadland’s mother wrote in her book The Beautiful Pervert: “My Beverly was only fifteen and still a virgin when she met [48-year-old] Errol Flynn. A few hours later, she was still fifteen…but she wasn’t a virgin anymore.” Beverly went on to co-star with Flynn in Cuban Rebel Girls (1959). 


  1. “When Brooke was eight, she was asked to pose nude, and it was no problem. She just took her clothes off, put her foot on a chair. [And asked,] “This is the sort of thing you want?” And That Photographer was probably like: "Boing!" - if you get my meaning.

  2. Richard Burton is rumored to have nicknamed Elizabeth Taylor "Miss Tits..."