Saturday, September 24, 2016

[UPDATE] NOCE BLANCHE (1989): A French Nymphet Seduces Her Philosophy Teacher

One notable difference between nympholepsy themed films made in France and films made in the United States is that French films typically show nymphets in the nude. One notable American exception is Pretty Baby (1978) where, after having her virginity auctioned off, Violet (ten-year-old Brooke Shields) was shown bathing in the nude after having her virginity taken by a middle-aged john. 

Noce Blanche (1989), which was written and directed by the famous and infamous Jean-Claude Brisseau, is no exception. Mathilde (Vanessa Paradis), a seventeen-year-old nymphet, was nude within minutes and repeatedly throughout the film.

In the French film, after Mr. Hainauta, the high school philosophy teacher, told his wife what an "amazing" student Mathilde was, she asked: 

"Are you in love with her?" 
"You're so silly." he replied. 
"Promise me it won't happen." she pleaded. 
"No need to promise. I've never fancied young girls." 

But that only lasted until the next scene. Mr. Hainauta suddenly "fancied young girls" after Mathilde seductively touched his hand during class while he helped her edit an essay . 

And that is often how legal and illegal age-discrepant relationships begin. Middle-aged men are typically clueless about their ability to attract nymphets; therefore, the nymphets are often the initiators of age-gap relationship. Consequently, it is often up to the man to reject a nymphet's advances if she is not of legal age, but that appears to rarely happen due to the allure of nymphets. 

Consequently, after their affair was in full swing, Mathilde asked her teacher to leave his wife, but he refused:

"Because of school?" Mathide asked. 
"You're 17." the teacher replied.
"So what?" 
"In ten years I'll be an old man."
"Whether you're old ... it won't change anything." 

Interestingly, Vanessa Paradis won the C├ęsar Award for Most Promising Actress for her role in Noce Blanche

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