Wednesday, August 31, 2016

LA LUCHA CON LA PANTERA (1975): Mexican Nymphets Whom Desire Men

Here's the plot summary posted on IMDB for La Lucha Con La Pantera (1975):

Living in the 1970s is hard. For example, three nymphets struggle to have a beneficial youth: Ana (Mildred Macías) is suicidal [and desires her profesor], Mercedes (Marissa Makendosky) is attracted to her brother William (Enrique Novi) and Patricia (Rocío Brambila) desires to be sexually abused. 

Ana stalks her literature profesor, which leads to teacher-student sex. Much like in non-fiction, the coed initiated the affair, but the teacher didn't have enough self-control to repel her advances. And similar to the nymphet fantasies spelled out in Nancy Friday's My Secret Garden: Women’s Sexual Fantasies, Mercedes stalks her brother which leads to a passionate incestuous kiss and Patricia's desire to be sexually abused leads to autoerotism. 

In addition to the (middle) schoolgirl teleiophilia, the fact that the nymphets appeared to be Mexicans of European descent was striking. 

(La Lucha Con La Pantera (1975) was adapted from a novella by José de la Colina.)


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