Thursday, May 14, 2015

Pope Alexander VI's Teen Mistress: Giulia Farnese

Renaissance period Pope Alexander VI (1431 – 1503) was the Bishop of Rome from 1492 until his death. He is one of the most disputed Popes due to his adultery and nepotism. 

Alexander VI had a number of mistresses (and illegitimate children) but Giulia Farnese [Italian: Giulia la bella - Julia the beautiful.] was one of his most beloved. 

It isn't clear when their affair began, but when Farnese was 19 and the Pope was 62, Farnese moved into a palace next to the Vatican with Lucrezia Borgia - the Pope's 13-year-old daughter.

According to Durant's The Renaissance, Farnese was described as "The Pope's Whore", but she was good friends with the Pope's daughter. 

For some strange reason, Farnese was played by Lotte Verbeek, a 30-year-old actress, in Showtime's adaption of the life of Pope Alexander VI, The Borgias. 

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