Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Euro [Teen] Handballers: Tiny Little [Spandex] Shorts" Versus [Cheeky] Bikinis

Claire Lampen posted on New York Magazine's The Cut that "Female Athletes Fined for Not Competing in Bikinis" ( JULY 26, 2021):

[T]he European Handball Federation just fined the Norwegian women’s beach team [150 euros (≈ $177) per player] for wearing tiny little [spandex] shorts rather than bikini bottoms during a championship match in Bulgaria last week.

[T]he International Handball Federation — unfortunately this matter goes all the way to the top — dictates that women wear sports bras and bikini bottoms “with a close fit and cut on an upward angle toward the top of the leg,” and sides shorter than four inches, during beach competition. 

Wait, are "tiny little [spandex] shorts" less revealing than bikinis? #rhetoricalquestion

And Lampen asked: "Do they impose similarly revealing mandates for male beach handballers?" Of course not! Apparently, Lampen didn't realize that the allure of nymphets extends to sports. For instance, we shared in an earlier post the discrepancy between the length of the French ball girl and ball boy uniforms. 

In particular to handballers, we made a GIF from the Under 16 Beach Handball EURO 2016 YouTube video, which, unsurprisingly, displays the nymphet handballers in cheeky bikini bottoms and the boys in (almost) knee length shorts. 

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