Tuesday, July 20, 2021

AMERICAN HORROR STORIES: Teen's Turned On By Pain & Shame Porn

Here are the IMDb plot summaries for American Horror Stories Rubber (Wo)man: Part One & Two, respectively:

A teenager and her Dads move into a forsaken home with a grim past. As the family makes renovations, a darkness takes root within them.

Scarlett enters a twisted new romance while Michael and Troy are forced to confront their rocky relationship.

As it relates to the allure of nymphets, the first two episodes of American Horror Stories are about Scarlett who is a 16-year-old lesbian Rubber (Wo)man who is turned on by "pain and shame" and "extreme porn".

When Scarlett's dad said, "We're gonna want you to see a therapist."

Scarlett asked, "To find out what? Why pain and shame turns me on? It turns every girl on. Haven't you seen Fifty Shades of Grey?"

The New York Post confirmed Scarlett's stance that girls are turned on by pain and shame when the tabloid reported: 

Per Women's Health, the tongue emoji conveys, "I want to lick your [insert noun here]."
and the sweat drops "[...] mean any bodily fluid, like semen or squirting."

[...] youths mobbed a movie theater after they were barred from seeing the R-rated movie “Fifty Shades of Grey.”

[...] 100 teens rushed a movie theater Saturday night after they were denied tickets to see “Fifty Shades of Grey,” which is rated R and requires the viewer to be accompanied by a parent if they are under age 17.

When Maya (Paris-Michael Jackson), Scarlett's high school classmate, asked, "You've watched porn, haven't you?"

Scarlett replied, "I like violent stuff. Extreme S&M. Pain."

Maya responded, "That sounds hot."

As American Horror Stories Rubber (Wo)man: Part One & Two appears to be a teen lesbian exploitation series, unsurprisingly, Scarlett masturbated while fantasizing about kissing and choking Maya. 

In part two, the writers took full advantage of the allure of two nymphets. Scarlett had another teen lesbian affair but this time with Ruby (19-year-old model Kaia Gerber). 

Interestingly, Ruby shared with Scarlett that when she was 6-years-old, her parents sold her to "Uncle Tony" whom abused her with a low-volt cattle prod and gave her bloody spankings.

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