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PALO ALTO (2013): Teen (Outdoor) Oral, Teen Orgies, and Teacher-Student Affairs

IMDb posted a brief plot summary for Palo Alto (2013): "The life and struggles of a group of adolescents living in Palo Alto."

No worries. We'll provide some details. The film is based on James Franco's Palo Alto: Stories but, per the credits, it was written and directed by Gia Coppola. Coppola relied heavily on the novel for the dialogue but, taking advantage of the allure of nymphets, she took some liberties with some of the scenes.

In the opening scene, Fred asked Teddy what he would do if he could go back in time. Teddy replied that he would be a king, "And I’d fuck every virgin in the kingdom."

A little over a minute later, the following conversation took place among the stretching coed soccer players:
Chrissy: "Oh, I’m so wet. Not in a good way, either. Mr. B’s [her teacher and soccer coach (James Franco)] a hottie though."
Shauna: "Fuck, I know. Too bad he wants to get in with April."
Chrissy: "I’d go for it if I were you."
April: "Guys, that’s so awkward. I babysit his kid."
Shauna: "So?"
Chrissy wagered: "I bet he makes a really ugly face when he comes."

In one of her first deviations from the book and taking advantage of the allure of nymphets, at the 7:16 mark in the film, Coppola decided to have April (Emma Roberts) dance on a bed in a satin mini chemise. April bounced upon the bed seductively while she raised her mini slip and lowered a strap to fully expose her bra.

Like in the book, the teens played Never Have I Ever, but in the book, the game revealed that Emily had sex at school and that she had a threesome and and foursome. However, in the film, Shauna described how to play Never Have I Ever:
“You just say, “Never Have I Ever and then if you’ve done the thing you have to drink [...] Um, never have I ever given Seth Monkarsh a blowjob during free period in the senior parking lot.”
“Drink up, Chrissy.”
After Chrissy drank, she said, “Okay fine, my turn. Um, hmm. Never have I ever kissed my uncle.”
To which Shauna said slyly before she drank from her red plastic cup, “Are you fucking serious? That was private.”
The game revealed that Chrissy participated in a teen "lesbianic experience" as well. But Chrissy's blowjob in the senior parking lot and her teen lipstick lesbian "experience" and Shauna's incestuous kiss were not in the book. Why did Coppola add those to the film? That's a rhetorical question.

However, in the book and the film, Emily gave Teddy a blowjob in the bedroom of Shauna's parents. Poolside the next day, Chrissy shared, “Emily blew Teddy last night in your parent’s bedroom.” To which Shauna replied, “She will suck any dick that anyone puts in her face.” (To clarify, Teddy didn't put his d_ck in Emily's face. Emily put Teddy's d_ck in her face."

In another interesting deviation from the book, “Cock 4 dayz” was "written" in those preschool magnetic letters on an appliance in Shauna's house. Why?

While babysitting, April said to Michael - Mr. B’s son, “Come on, enough of this [video] game. Let’s watch a movie.” Michael said, “I don’t think I’m allowed to watch this movie [i.e., Fast Times at Ridgemont High ].” Subsequently, a topless teen on the screen elicited a “Whao” from the elementary school aged Micheal.

After another babysitting session, Mr. B kissed April.
“I really like you.” Mr. B confessed.
“I really like you.” April confessed.
“Yeah but, I’m older and I know that there aren’t a lot of good things around, and I know you are really good.” Mr. B said to which April responded by returning his kiss.

In another scene that wasn't in the book, Coppola directed Fred to push Emily down by the shoulders and demand, “Tell me you love me,” before Emily gave him a blowjob in her parent’s backyard.

However, the following voice-over from that scene is from the book:
Emily didn’t have any friends [...] The only person she knew was me [...] One afternoon we went to Jason King’s house [...] Jason’s parents were gone [...] We were drinking sodas and vodka and smoking pot. [...] I got her into Jason’s parents’ bed and got her naked. The guys lined up outside the bedroom door. [...] We went in two or three at a time. Everyone fucked her [...] She gave me a blowjob. I asked if she liked it. She said she did [...]

Back at Mr. B’s house, the following conversation took place:
April: "Why don’t you talk to me at school anymore?"
Mr. B: "You know why."
April: "Yeah, but you can at least be nice to me and not ignore me. I mean, it’s like you don’t even like me anymore."
Mr. B, committing a age-gap relationship faux pas: "Are you kidding me. April I love you."
April, perplexed: “What? That doesn’t even make sense [...] I have to go.”
Mr. B reiterated: “April I love you [...] You can say you’re babysitting all the time and come over.”
April: “I should be hanging out with boys my own age."
Mr. B: “Why? Why do you wanna hang out with a bunch of little boys. You’re better than that. Just be with me."
But it was no use. April left.

In the bathroom between classes, Shauna complimented Chrissy, “Your tits are seriously huge today!” Chrissy, “I know, right?” Shauna, “They look amazing.” But that dialogue was not in the book. We would love to know Coppola's inspiration.

After losing the soccer game, Mr. B consoled a crying Raquel (Margaret Qualley). “Consequently, April said, “Raquel is such a cry baby [...] I mean, do you even think she’s pretty.” Shauna opined, “Raquel? Yeah, she’s fucking gorgeous.”

Despite their previous conversation ending on a sour note, after the game, April went back to Mr. B’s where they had sex on her teacher's sofa.
But after Micheal beat April in a Mortal Kombat match, he said, “I get two cookies, because I won.”
“Says who?”
“Raquel’s my other babysitter [...]”
Interestingly, the book inferred that Mr. B and Raquel had an age-gap affair too, but the film made it apparent. Mr. B pleaded, “Look, what happened between me and Raquel, it’s nothing, okay? [...] You broke up with me. And we weren’t talking to each other. Can I see you?”

April replied, “No. No, I’m not coming over there anymore.” Did April really mean it that time?

Lastly, there was some speculation that Franco's Instagram scandal was a publicity stunt for this film, but that doesn't appear to be true. Tom Shone of The Guardian gave the teen film 3 out of 5 starts and opined that Coppola had an "eye for cool composition". And Franco's Rabbit Bandini was the film's production company.

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