Thursday, July 23, 2020

MEL Magazine & Sexplainer: PreTeen Jacuzzi Masturbation

Teen Vogue has been using the allure of masturbating nymphets to drive traffic to their site and now Mel Magazine is using the strategy. 

Ian Lecklitner posted the article "Why Pressing Your Junk Against a Jacuzzi Jet is a Sexual Rite of Passage: This One Goes Out to my First Love, a Gentle but Captivating Jacuzzi Jet" on MEL Magazine where he wrote that it's not unusual for children to use a Jacuzzi to masturbate - to orgasm. And that it "makes complete sense" physiologically: 

"Realizing that jacuzzi jets can be used as masturbatory devices is nothing out of the ordinary for children (or adults, for that matter). There are many others like me, who were awakened to their capacity for pleasure by the jets in some otherwise unremarkable hot tub."

"All of this suggests that we have a thing for heated, rushing water, and we frequently come upon that thing at a young age. Physiologically, our interest in using jacuzzi jets as masturbatory devices makes complete sense."

“Vibrations are rhythmic movements that are relaxing and soothing,” explains Sheila Loanzon, a board-certified obstetrician and gynecologist. “[...] it can feel comforting at repetitive frequencies of vibration. This sensory input can be calming to the nervous system, giving people the ability to relax the mind and body, and reach orgasm easily [...] Easing tension does allow for orgasm.”

To give an IRL example, Lecklitner linked to "When Kids Discover the Hot Tub Jets (or Setting Rules for Masturbating in the Jacuzzi." on Sexplainer - a website for "Helping you raise sexually intelligent kids". 

In the post, a "sex smart parent" asked about her preteen daughters whom masturbate to orgasm via "the jets" at the pool: 

Last summer [...] my 5 and 8 year old girls discovered “the jets” at the pool and have been masturbating till orgasm. They are quite vocally eager to go swimming/bathe every night! And often are cozying up to jets when we have company over [...] How do I explain the appropriate where and whens of this type of activity without resorting to traditional lame excuses? [...] especially for my very loving 8 year old who wants to share her discovery with the world! [...]

Here's a summary of Marnie's reply:

"First of all, good on your kids for finding their clits and good for you for staying sex-positive [...] Your daughters discovered something good. That’s awesome. I think the goal here can be to help contain your kids’ unbridled enthusiasm for this newfound pleasure [...] you want to keep them safe and because you don’t want other people to feel uncomfortable. Both are legitimate and real. The goal isn’t to stop the pleasure or make them feel shame."

"A couple of things you could do:

1) Let them know that touching or rubbing their genitals or letting the jets touch or rub their genitals and the feeling it causes is perfectly healthy;

2) Explain that it’s also a private activity since our genitals are private;

3) Explain that while it’s ok to do it privately, it’s generally not ok to talk about it with friends or people outside the family [...] we ought to keep conversations on the topic at home,"

Thanks for the advice Marnie...

And at least one TikTok teen shared her joy of jacuzzi jet masturbation.

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