Wednesday, July 29, 2020

NEW YORK TIMES & THE NEW YORKER | YES, G_D, YES (2019): Catholic Schoolgirl Teen Masturbation

Interestingly, the New York Times and The New Yorker published reviews for Yes, God, Yes (2019) - a masturbatory (Catholic) teen comedy.

Jeannette Catsoulis summarized in her Times review, "‘Yes, God, Yes’ Review: Sin and Sensuality" (July 23, 2020):

In the masturbation comedy “Yes, God, Yes” [...] Alice (Natalia Dyer), a 16-year-old virgin and naïve Catholic high schooler, embarks on the road to solitary orgasm with more persistence than luck.

Primed by multiple VHS viewings of the sex scene in “Titanic,” Alice is experiencing urges she’s unsure how to satisfy. Experiments with a vibrating cellphone and an inadvertent dip into a cheesy AOL chat room (the movie’s setting is the early aughts) are frustratingly interrupted. 

At school, she’s plagued by a nasty rumor of her involvement in a mystifying sex act, and a faculty that aggressively polices impure thoughts.

Alice began masturbating after sent her some "saucy pics" of him and his wife. Curiously, Catsoulis of the Times and Richard Brody of The New Yorker didn't seem to have an issue with a man sending "saucy pics" to a nymphet. Oh well...

The rumor that was spread about Alice at her Catholic high school was that she tossed Wade's salad in a sauna. Alice didn't know what that meant; so, she asked a older lesbian. Alice, “Do you know what tossing someone’s salad is? Lesbian, “It means licking someone’s butt hole.” 

Alice masturbated the second time via serendipity while on a high school retreat. Alice discovered, while playing Snake on her phone, that a vibrating phone can feel good. Consequently, Alice placed the phone between her legs and masturbated to orgasm.

Alice's phone was taken by Nina, a teen camp counselor, but that didn't stop Alice from masturbating. After Alice spied Nina performing oral sex in the woods, Alice vibrated with a broom stick. 

Lastly, after Alice indirectly informed Father Murphy that she caught him masturbating to porn, Alice went home and masturbated to the sex scene in Titanic - first with her hand and then with a vibrating handheld mini massager. 

In addition to being a masturbatory teen comedy, Yes, God, Yes is an anti-religion film. Brody wrote in the "What To Stream" section of the The New Yorker (AUG 3 & 10, 2020): "Religious repression gets satirized incisively [in Yes, God, Yes]. 

And Brody wrote: "But, at home, the naturally curious Alice explores Internet chat room in quest of knowledge and pleasure." Thereby, agreeing with Judith Levine of Harmful to Minors that nymphets are naturally sexual. 

Lastly, Catsoulis and Brody failed to mention that there's a 2017 short movie version of Yes, God, Yes, which happens to be on YouTube; however, the short version contains only one teen masturbation scene sans vibrators. 

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