Thursday, July 2, 2020

Famous Age-Gap Relationship: Dan Brown (56) & Judith Pietersen (20s)

We've written a number of posts about writers such as J.D. Salinger, and Erica Davies wrote about novelist Dan Brown in her post "CRACKED THE CODE Dan Brown ‘gave glamorous [young] mistress a $350,000 stallion and gift is key part of bitter divorce battle with ex-wife’" (2 Jul 2020) for The Sun:

The Da Vinci Code author's ex-wife Blythe Brown has accused him of having an affair with their former horse trainer, Judith Pietersen, in a lawsuit filed on Monday in New Hampshire.

Pietersen, who is in her 20s, met the couple [seven years ago] in 2013 when she flew from Holland to the US to train their horses. [We couldn't find an exact age for Pietersen, but it's very possible that she was a teen when she first started working for the Browns.]

The dressage rider isn't explicitly named in the lawsuit, but Blythe describes her ex's alleged mistress as a "young Horse trainer from Holland" and appears to reference her using the initials JP.

The 56-year-old novelist, an equestrian enthusiast, donated horses, a two-horse transportation truck, and a car to Pietersen in addition to paying for her training stable, Blythe claims in her lawsuit.

One of those gifts is supposedly a prize-winning stallion worth nearly $350,000 named LimiTed Edition.

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