Monday, October 11, 2021

LAW & ORDER: SVU | A Catholic Church Teen Prostitution Ring

Here's IMDb's summary for Law & Order: SVU "Manhattan Transfer" (s17e17):

While SVU investigates a pair of vice cops found in the middle of an underage prostitution sting involving high-ranking public officials, the team discovers that a priest may be involved in a high school sex trafficking ring.

Near the beginning of the episode, Officer Benson shared with ADA Barba that SVU raided an upscale teen prostitution party:
Officer Benson: "We responded to a tip that underage girls would be at a sex party and in attendance was Bronx ADA Winn, two assemblymen, a retired D.A. investigator, a councilman, and I'm sure that you recognize."

ADA Barba: "Judge Wheeler. Why am I not surprised?"

Nina Kelly, a nun, was at the sex party too. As well as, detectives Russo and Jefferson. Sister Kelly was working undercover to breakup the teen prostitution ring. Detectives Russo and Jefferson were supposed to be working undercover to breakup the teen prostitution ring, but they couldn't resist the allure of nymphets. 

Cara, a 16-year-old prostitute and student at St. Fabiola's - an all-girl's parochial high school in the South Bronx, alleged that detectives Russo and Jefferson would arrive early to the sex parties and force her and other nymphets to perform oral sex. 

And of detectives Russo and Jefferson, Sister Kelly confessed: "They're not cops. They're rapists."

Interestingly, Officer Benson opined that the girls were victims of [statutory] rape and were sex trafficked, but Captain Gerbic rebutted that that girls were not victims but were willing teen prostitutes. 

Officer Benson: "But underage girls are still being [statutory] raped and trafficked."

Captain Gerbic: "Well, where SVU sees victims, we see willing participants. These girls are not exactly madonnas."

In what we view as a bit of racism slash classism, BX9, a south Bronx based street gang, were initially suspected of running the teen prostitution ring. 

But we learned in episode 18, "Unholiest Alliance", that the prostitution ring was operated by Bishop Catalano, Monsignor Mulregan and Father Eugene - for over 20 years. 

The "Unholiest Alliance" of the Catholic Church procured and provided teen prostitutes to ADAs, assemblymen, D.A. investigators, councilmen, lawyers and judges - to name a few. 

And the "Unholiest Alliance" couldn't resist the allure of nymphets too. We learned from former nymphets that Bishop Catalano and Monsignor Mulregan made Catholic schoolgirls sit on their laps - in the nude. The schoolgirls were touched in a[n] "[un]G_dly manner". And they were made to pose naked and "perform sex acts" on the Bishop and Monsignor.

Lastly, in another bit of racism slash classism, the episodes stressed that the teen prostitutes were from the south Bronx, but let us not forget that teen prostitutes can be from the UES and Rome's wealthiest district too. 

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