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GOSSIP GIRL (2021): Heterosexual Age-Gap Affairs & Schoolgirl Lipstick Lesbians

In addition to the (heterosexual) teen analingus, fellatio, and sex, in the 2021 Gossip Girl reboot (Season 1 Part 1), nympholepsy and heterosexual age-gap affairs are portrayed

For example, on episode 3, Lies Wide Shut, we learn that George, Reema's husband, was abruptly fired from his job, because George knew that his boss, a father at Constance Billard [High] School, expensed escorts. And Wendy, a teacher at Constance Billard and Reema's co-worker, discovered that, "One of the escorts he hired was a senior at Constance."

Thus, like the teen prostitutes in the wealthy district of Rome, at least one senior at Constance worked as a paid escort. 

Interestingly, in episode 4, Fire Walks With Z, Julien, a junior at Constance, receives a number of Venmo payment alerts on her iPhone

"You're being Venmoed for BJs, HJs, poppers, urine, your celebrity fleshlight, and "seven grams of better coke than the last batch," Luna informs Julien. 

Although, the Venmo payments for teen blowjobs, handjobs and urine, were part of a prank from Zoya, a Constance sophomore and Julien's half-sister, in the context of the teen escort(s) at Constance, the prank is revealing.

Julien may have been pranked, but after she shared with the club in Lies Wide Shut, "I'm in my underwear on the Daily Mail." She tells Max, "We'll WhatsApp that to Timothée." But then she thought about the possible repercussions of sexting 25-year-old Timothée a picture of a first semester prep school junior in her panties. "Actually, don't. You'll get arrested. 

(IRL, even though Timothée didn't request the picture, he would have possibly been canceled, and Julien would have been consoled.)

In episode 5, Hope Sinks, Emily, another Constance junior, shares with Aki, her schoolmate and boyfriend, that a middle-aged celebrity is giving her "the eye": 

"Please hurry, because whoever is dressed as Bruce Willis has been giving me the eye for a half hour. That is Bruce Willis. Hurry faster."

I wonder why the writer's choose Bruce Willis and not someone like Jerry Seinfeld or Leonardo DiCaprio

And in Hope Sinks, Zoya is seduced by Simon, a New York magazine reporter, because he suspects that Zoya is Gossip Girl. Jessica Goldstein wrote to Simon on Vulture in her Gossip Girl Week 5 Report Card": 

"Stalking, flirting with, and lying to a child (Zoya is 15!) for your article is gross [...]"

The Gossip Girl reboot appears to be (mostly) aimed at (young) women and non-heteronormativity viewers, but, arguably, the teen (lipstick) lesbian kissing scene in Lies Wide Shut was arguably aimed at (young) men.

Lastly, the first six episodes of the reboot are continuing the age-gap affair motif from the original series. For example, on episode 7 of the 6th season of Gossip Girl, Blair (Leighton Meester) "Invoke[d] the order of the secrets" in an attempt to blackmail representatives of the five most powerful Manhattan prep schools into attending her fashion show. 

And how did she attempt to blackmail the nymphets from The Nightingale-Bamford School, The Brearley School, The Chapin School, and The Spence School to comply with her demand?

Blair surmised that at least one of the prep school teens had an affair with her drama teacher, another with her Latin teacher and another with her father's business partner.

"Invoke the order of the secrets [...] If they don't do what you say, spill their secrets [...] And if your refuse, she'll have no choice but to reveal your affair with your drama teacher. Your Latin teacher. Your father’s business partner.” "

[Update 12\7\21 | Season 1 Part 2] 

Although, it's not relevant to this blog, it's worth mentioning that there's a Constance student-teacher affair between Max, a Constance senior, and Rafael "Rafa" Caparros - the Classics teacher. Of this student-teacher age-gap affair, Deuxmoi shared with Cosmopolitan's Samantha Bergeson:

Deuxmoi: Yes, I love whoever Max (Thomas Doherty) is hooking up with. I just think that his character is so hot and whoever he's hooking up with - the teacher [e.g., Max performed oral sex on Rafa. At school. During the school day.], the throuple [e.g., Max had a three-way with two other students - in the prep school's chapel.) [...] I'm here for all the Max content. I think he's so sexy.

Bergeson: I totally agree with you.  

I think it's safe to assume that Deuxmoi would not (openly) condone a heteronormative student-teacher affair between Max and, say, Kate Keller (Tavi Gevinson).

In episode 7, of the student-teacher sexual affair, the teacher truthfully confessed that he was "pursued" by his student whom "followed" him after school.

While it was previously inferred the the students were seniors, we get the impression in episode 8 that they're juniors, because Julien said, "When I leave here (i.e., Constance) in a year and a half [...]"

During episode 11, Obie is insulted by a rival, "You're too busy helping Ghislaine Calloway get girls for daddy."

But it's in episode 11 and 12 where viewers get a glimpse of the types of tips that Gossip Girl receives about the raunchy behavior that some of the prep school students indulge in such as in episode 11 we learned that, "They send in pictures of their friends' sanitary napkins. [And they] [d]etail humiliating hookups down to their viscosity." And we learned that Pips got an abortion after she was ditched by Tyler Mathson before he left for Penn. 

In addition, in episode 12, subsequent to Gossip Girl's release of a spreadsheet of all the tips submitted to the gossip Instagram account, we learned that another Constance Billard student had an age-gap sexual affair and "slept" with The Help. And to get more followers on social media, two prep school twins unabashedly engaged in incentious lipstick lesbian girl-on-girl kissing:

Mom: You made out with each other to get followers?
Twin #1 (Auvray Stephenson): And it worked!
Twin #2 (Evershea Stephenson): Prude!

And speaking of lipstick lesbians, in episode 12, Monet commanded her two dates, "You two, upstairs, I need to think. And you're going to keep me focused [by engaging in lipstick lesbian girl-on-girl kissing.)

Lastly and unsurprisingly, Gossip Girl has been renewed for another (rebooted) season. 

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