Wednesday, August 31, 2022

UPDATE: Leo DiCaprio & Camila Morrone Have Split & FYI: DiCaprio Doesn't Date Over 25

Leonardo DiCaprio & Camila Morrone 

I related in Teens Love and Want to F*ck James Franco: A Study of a Life and Works that Daniella Scott of Cosmopolitan related that Leonardo DiCaprio met Camila Morrone when she was 12, reunited with her when she was 19, and shortly thereafter started openly dating the actress.

Perez Hilton's post "Leonardo DiCaprio’s New GF Responds To Nasty Instagram Comments About [Age-Gap] Relationship!" related that 44-year-old DiCaprio‘s 22-year-old girlfriend, Morrone, responded via an Instagram video to trolls who left disparaging comments about her two-year relationship with DiCaprio. (i.e., They started openly dating when Leo was 42 and Camila was 19.)

Very interestingly, Leo has not been widely canceled for his age-gap relationship, but some trolls left comments on Morrone's video like: “Leo only cares about your body” and “You only have a couple more years before he dumps you girl! Collect your bag 😍”. 

Morrone in Never Goin' Back (2018)

We know Morrone from her role as a naughty teen in Never Goin' Back (2018). Here's IMDb's plot summary:
Jessie and Angela, high school dropouts, are taking a week off to chill at the beach. Too bad their house got robbed, rent's due, they're about to get fired, and they're broke.
Morrone in Never Goin' Back (2018)

Scott Menzel of We Live Entertainment opined that Never Goin' Back (2018) is: "A sweet and raunchy [e.g., lipstick lesbianism, cocaine use, etc.] tale of glorious idiocy."

UPDATE: Wednesday August 31, 2022

Allie Jones posted on Gawker "This Bitch Really Did It: Leo DiCaprio broke up with his girlfriend days after she turned 25" (Aug 31, 2022) Thus, it appears that 47-year-old DiCaprio and 25-year-old Morrone have split. 

Source: Reddit\TrustLittleBrother

Jones appeared to be surprised by the split, but some fans weren't because DiCaprio doesn't appear to date anyone over 25, which is exemplified by the graph LEONARDO DICAPRIO REFUSED TO DATE A WOMAN OVER 25. The graph illustrates that DiCaprio dated:

  • Gisele Bundchen from when she was 18 to 23
  • Bar Refaeli from when she was 20 to 25 
  • Blake Lively while she was 23
  • Erin Heatherton while she was 22
  • Toni Garrn from when she was  20 to 21
  • Kelly Rohrback while she was 25
  • Nina Agdal from when she was 24 to 25

Perhaps fittingly, Jones ended her Gawker piece by writing: 

In November, DiCaprio will turn 48. And somewhere in America, his next girlfriend is getting ready to start her senior year of high school. We wish her the best.

NOTE: This post has been updated, revised and expanded into a Substack:  25 & Under? A History of Leo DiCaprio’s Titanic Age-Gap Affairs

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