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Schulman's THIS BEAUTIFUL LIFE: The Prep School Girl\Teen Porn Star

Previously, we wrote about "Swiffergate", which we learned about from Zachary Kussin's New York Post post"Con artist Danielle Miller, who flaunted lavish, lifestyle facing new reality — and needs a roommate", which is about “Swiffer Girl” (Danielle Miller). Kussin related that in 2004, Miller, an 8th grader at The Bronx's exclusive Horace Mann prep school, produced three (3) self-shot videos masturbating with and simulating fellatio on a Swiffer broom.

Gabrielle Bluestone elaborated on "Swiffergate" in her New York magazine piece, ‘I More So Consider Myself a Con Artist Than Anything’ What Danielle Miller learned at Horace Mann and Rikers" where Bluestone related that after Miller's crush shared the teen masturbation videos, (unsurprisingly) the videos went viral "among New York’s private-school students" and on the Internet:

Initially, Miller was distraught, but by 9th grade, she embraced the attention, and due to "Swiffergate", "Swiffer Girl" became a much sought after high school "It Girl" and teen porn star. 

And in Female Chauvinist Pigs: Women and the Rise of Raunch Culture, Ariel Levy elaborated on Miller's embraced fame as a prep school porn star, which included signing autographs.

Subsequently, Helen Schulman fictionalized "Swiffergate" and “Swiffer Girl” in This Beautiful LifeIn the novel, Daisy Cavanaugh, an 8th grader at The Bronx's Wildwood high, is described as wearing purple lip gloss with clear braces, bleached blond hair and "tiny breast buds".

After she recorded, “Still think I’m too young?”, Daisy “[...] reached below her hemline and lifted up her (short) skirt [...]" to reveal her “[...] shaved pudenda [...]”. Then "[s]he reached out for a little toy baseball bat [...]", masturbated, and emailed the video to Jake - a 15-year-old Upper East Sider and sophomore at Wildwood.

Just like IRL, Daisy's selfie went viral. For example, nymphets were even viewing the video in the school's library: “The Upper School librarian had caught sight of the video over some girl’s shoulder on one of the school’s PCs and that was that.” At Wildwood the “lesbians and feminists” didn’t “get it” but the “Nice girls. Sluts.” did. 

Consequently, Daisy became a(n) (amateur) teen porn star - autographing toy baseball bats and joyfully posing for pictures with her teen fans on Wildwood's campus:

“She was autographing baseball bats. Some of the kids on the team had brought them to her as a goof. They were taking pictures of her with their cell phones and she was posing […] “She was famous now. He’d made her famous. She was autographing the bats and smiling a big, broad, winning smile.”
Riverdale (The Bronx) Park Hiking Trails

And Jake reaped rewards too. After returning to school from a brief suspension, Jake was greeted with a "blur of backslapping" and Rachel Potter, one of the hottest and most popular girls at Wildwood, performed oral sex on Jake - in the woods behind their prep school.
“On Friday, Rachel Potter asked Jake out. Rachel Potter was one of the hottest girls in his grade and one of the most popular. She had all this great curly blond hair.”

In "[…] the woods behind school, Rachel had knelt down in the dirt and leaves and sticks on her bare knees and took his dick in her mouth; about how blue and luminous her eyes were as she looked up at Jake while she sucked him off; or about how he’d taken her head in his hands and moved it, gently at first and then roughly, back and forth around his dick [...] he grabbed her head and he pushed it back and forth as hard as he liked it, so hard it seemed that he might hurt her neck or that Rachel might even choke [...] it was like he was jerking himself off in Rachel’s mouth and when he looked down, her eyes were half closed; he could no longer see any of that crazy blue, just white, and then his dick slipped out of her mouth and she gasped for air and he came on Rachel’s face, shooting across her cheek, some of it landing behind her ear, in her beautiful angel hair.”

Interestingly, Jake's mother Googled "'teen masturbating,' which had nothing on Daisy." 

Lastly, Schulman included some nympholepsy in This Beautiful Life when she name dropped Nabokov, Jimmy Page, and wrote that Uptown Prep's principal was soliciting school girls for (online) sex:

“Threadgill isn’t the first private school headmaster in NYC exposed as a lover of ‘hard candy’ [i.e., very young porn] — because last fall, at Uptown Prep, the principal was caught inviting fourteen- and fifteen-year-old girls to have sex via online chat rooms.” ”

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