Monday, February 28, 2022

Law & Order: SVU "The Good Girl" | School Girl Stepfather Sexual Affair & Middle School Sexting

Here's IMDb's synopsis for Law & Order: Special Victims Unit "The Good Girl" (s20e20):

Benson and the team work to uncover a pregnant teenager's secret when she refuses to name the baby's father.

The pregnant teenager is 13-year-old Mackenzie Tolliver - a student at Saint Matthews Middle School. Mackenzie told the NYPD that she was impregnated during a consensual age-gap one-day-stand in a blue BMW in the parking lot of a Whole Foods. Mackenzie shared:

"I'm old enough to make my own decisions [...] I was buying yogurt in Whole Foods. We started talking. It was only one time in his car [...] I wanted to. He didn't force me or anything like that."

Then Mackenzie told the NYPD that she was impregnated by Mr. Dreyfus - her drama teacher

But ultimately, it was determined that Mackenzie was impregnated by Garrett Howard. Shockingly, Garrett was Mackenzie's step-father. Mackenzie shared that when she meet her mother's lover, it was love at first sight:

"[Like Minnie in The Diary of a Teenage Girl] I think I've always loved him. From the first time I saw him [...] when he started dating mom [...] I love him like a wife loves a husband."

After Mackenzie's mother died, Mackenzie and Garrett were married after MacKenzie's father gave his consent to his 12-year-old daughter and her middle-aged fiancé for $10,000.

However, the NYPD arrested Garrett on the suspension that he couldn't resist the allure of a nymphet (i.e., NYPD's assumption Garrett had sex with Mackenzie before they were married.) Benson said to Garret:

"What jury is going to believe that you waited until you were married to sleep with someone that you love so much?"

Lastly, Benson tried to convince Mackenzie that she was victimized, but Mackenzie tried convince Benson otherwise:

Benson: "He manipulated you."
Mackenzie: "I wanted to."
Benson: "No, he made you think that you wanted to."
Mackenzie: "You're just jealous!"

Oh wait, there was a social media post in the episode about Mackenzie and sexting nudes. Why? #theallureofnymphets

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