Monday, February 21, 2022

The Daddy Thing | From Fashion to TikTok: "It's Officially Zaddy Season"

In Teens Love and Want to F*ck James Franco: A Study of a Life and Works, we wrote an entire chapter on The Daddy Thing. And we've written a number of posts on this blog about The Daddy Thing 

For example, we wrote about Dr. Phil's TikTok where he pleaded with TikTokers to stop calling him "Daddy". And we even produced The Allure of Nymphets: TikTok Edition | Teen Age-Gap Affairs & The Daddy Thinga [cameraless] documentary. 

But most recently, Alexandra Hildreth posted that "It's officially zaddy season" on i-D\Vice (04 February 2022). Hildreth wrote that, it's official, middle-aged masculinity is hot. And that (skater) boys are out but men substance (e.g., money) are in.

We’re calling it: middle-aged masc is officially hot. Skater boys: out! Men with substance, and even more substantial wallets: in!

And Hildreth (unsurprisingly) related that Dr. Phil isn't the only zaddy on TikTok:

[...] a quick scroll through TikTok or Instagram and you’ll no doubt come across countless sugar daddy memes and clips of Gene Kelly’s character in The Pirate; Eric Dane, a certified zaddy for millennials as McSteamy, now stars as Euphoria’s Cal Jacobs; and then there are  those paparazzi shots of Willem Dafoe (often referred to “Willem Dripfoe” or Willem Da Goat” on TikTok) and Daniel Day-Lewis, which have resurfaced to elicit a collective sigh of desire. 

But don't forget that these parasocial age-gap relationships are on one-way streets, because if, say, Dr. Phil or Daniel Day-Lewis (openly) expressed their attraction to [very] young women, they would be called creepy and possibly be canceled. 

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