Thursday, March 3, 2022

Fernanda Gimenez: "Topless" TikTok Teen in Thong

Brenda Dennehy posted on the Daily Mail that "TikTok star Fernanda Gimenez goes braless in a see through mini-dress". Dennehy started off by sharing the reason the topless teen (@ferchugimenez) attended the world premiere of The Batman in NYC, which was for clout (i.e., attention): 

Fernanda Gimenez made sure all eyes were on her as she arrived at the world premiere of The Batman in New York City on Tuesday. 

The TikTok star commanded attention as she went braless in a sheer mini-dress  on the star-studded red carpet. 

Fernanda, 19, left almost nothing to the imagination as she put on a steamy display with her content creator beau Sebastien Andrade.  

Dennehy went on to opine that the "stunning" braless teen looked "sensational" and that the "Uruguayan beauty" rose to fame on social media. Per Famous BirthdaysFernanda was born on November 13, 2002; thus, we can determine that she began posting "stunning" and "sensational" videos on TikTok shortly after her 18th birthday. And to the dismay of ultra orthodox Jews and practicing Muslims, Dennehy opined that Fernanda's teen thong was modest. 
Fernanda, who rose to fame by sharing performances on her social media account looked sensational in the daring ensemble. 
The Instagram model contained her modesty by wearing a black thong which showed off her peachy [teen] derrière. 
The stunning brunette teamed the ensemble with a pair of black high-heel platform sandals which showcased her incredible pins.  

The Uruguayan beauty styled her luscious locks up while leaving some curtain bangs framing her flawless face.

Fernanda Gimenez (18) [@ferchugimenez]

Lastly, it shouldn't be surprising that Fernanda displayed her fountains on the red carpet, because instead of starting a TikTok account, when she turned 18, she could have started an OnlyFans and/or she could have become a teen porn star. As a (liberal) feminist would say, "Anything. Anything. As long as she doesn't have an affair with an older man. Like, say, Scott Disick."

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