Wednesday, March 23, 2022

New York TIMES: Teen Daughter & BFF Lipstick Lesbian Sex!

Here's part of a questioned submitted to THE ETHICIST at the New York Times:

My daughter is in a newly romantic relationship with her best friend, who is also female. Both are in their midteens. My daughter recently confided in me that they have had sex. She insists, however, that I am not allowed to tell the friend’s mother, because the mother wouldn’t let them have sleepovers or hang out as much. My ex-husband is the one who hosts the sleepovers, and he looks the other way when they are in the bedroom, reasoning that (or so my daughter tells me), “It’s OK because there are no penises involved.” [...] Are my ex-husband’s actions egregious? Name Withheld

Miley Cyrus (13)

Thus, we have two "midteens" having (lipstick) lesbian sex during sleepovers, which reminded us of Miley Cyrus whom shared with Alex Cooper on the Call Her Daddy podcast (August 13, 2020) that when Cyrus was a pre-teen she had a lipstick lesbian orgy. 

Cyrus: "Yeah, when I was like 11 or 12 [...] I got most of my girlfriends to hookup with me."
Cooper: "That is such an amazing. That's amazing."
Cyrus: "The first time I ever hooked up with anyone was with a girl. Two of them."
Cooper: "And did you go past first base?"
Cyrus: "Yeah! Oh yeah!"
Cooper: "Miley's like, 'Of course. Oh my God. Absolutely.'"
Jessica Simpson (13)
Richardson North Jr High (1993)

And we thought of Jessica Simpson whom shared in her memoir, Open Book, that she had lipstick lesbian sex with a family friend during sleepovers - from the age of six to 12.

“It would start with tickling my back [...]”

"Eventually it wasn't just at nighttime. She would get me to go into a closet with her, or just find a way to linger until we were alone. It got to the point that she would sneak into the bathroom to watch me shower."

In addition, Simpson confessed to People: “I allowed it to happen, so I felt that I was as much of the abuser as the abused. So I was very shameful during that time, from 6 to 12 years old.” 

Interestingly, it's not uncommon for these (pre)teen lipstick lesbians to be teleiophiles as well. For example, Marina shared in My Secret Garden: Women’s Sexual Fantasies that she began to be "aware of men at the age of 9 or 10" [Emphasis added]. Consequently, Marina masturbated while thinking of men but that was prior to her having lipstick lesbian sex with a 10-year-old Mediterranean girl.
Marina began to be aware of men at the age of 9 or 10 and thought about them while she masturbated; however, Marina only had "a vague idea of what lovemaking was" until she met her friend, a 10-year-old Mediterranean girl. Marina and the Mediterranean nymphet used to sit at opposite ends of the bathtub and pour warm water from a Russian silver teapot all over their clitorises while caressing their bodies "with infallible, instinctive verve."

And Liara Roux shared in her memoir, Whore of New York: A Confession, that she had pre-teen lipstick lesbian sex with the "very beautiful" Melissa. In the 5th grade. Outdoors. In the woods. During a youth retreat. In the Catskills. 

Subsequently, Roux went on to have a number of heteroesexual age-gap romantic encounters. For instance, Jeremy Lin, an older writer, gave 16-year-old Roux a "thrill" due to his "sexual attention". Roux entrapped older literary men on Facebook with the promise of teen sex. And Roux went on to become a "whore" to older men to which she asked: "Is it wrong that I feel comfortable fucking an older man who's paying me?"

In the end, maybe Name Withheld should be more concerned about her daughter exploring her teen sexuality via being a teen groupie, being attracted to her (male) teacher, and/or even being attracted to Dr. Phil

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