Saturday, October 31, 2015


We've written on this blog and in the book about virtual, non-virtual and fictional Japanese compensated dating (i.e., high school prostitutes [Japanese: enjo kosai 援助交際])

And most recently Vice posted, Schoolgirls for Sale, a (short) documentary on joshi-kosei osanpo [Japanese: JKお散歩]  - Japanese students who are paid to go on walking dates.

The Akihabara neighborhood in Central Tokyo is considered ground zero for joshi kōsei\JK [Japanese: 女子高生]  - high school girl culture. The neighborhood is littered with nymphets in Japanese school girl uniforms soliciting men for messages, walks around the neighborhood or to enter a JK cafe (i.e., "A store where you can chat with high school girls.") to "chat for half an hour" for approximately $30 - all of which may lead to teen prostitution. 

In addition, there are music venues where high school girl groups like Akishibu Project perform to "pack houses" of men who pay to meet, take and buy pictures, and touch their favorite nymphets after the performance. 

Yumeno Nito, a JK outreach worker, opined:
"Unfortunately, the underlying problem is that the girls are blamed for selling themselves. Most of these girls have experienced isolation at home or school before they reach that point. The Japanese government tries to solve these issues by cracking down on the girls. This problem won't be solved unless the adults who buy and sell disappear." 

And in a voice over, a Japanese nymphet opined: 

"Unfortunately the girls are blamed for selling themselves. This problem won't be solved unless the adults who buy and sell disappear."

However, we would opine that it's a two-way street and that the nympholepts and nymphets are both guilty of the same vice. For example, per Nito, [some of] the Japanese teens get into enjo kosai to escape isolation at home or school. And just like the Roman teen prostitutes, it's not uncommon for Japanese nymphets to get into enjo kosai to earn extra money for luxury goods. #twowaystreet

Vice's Schoolgirls for Sale (2015)

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