Saturday, October 3, 2015

Famous Ephebophile: American Apparel's Dov "Daddy" Charney & [Alleged] Teen Sex Slave

Dov Charney

Sapna Maheshwari posted on Buzzfeed that American Apparel (AA) revealed explicit text messages and emails between teen staff members and Dov Charney - the infamous ousted founder and ex-CEO of the Los Angeles based company. The revelations were in response to a May 2015 defamation lawsuit filed by Charney.

Some of alleged texts that Charney sent exemplify how he's allured by nymphets: 
"Daddy is so excited to play with the most little tiny blond c_m kitten in the whole school" 
"I want baby girl droooooool all over my c_ck"

Colleen Brown, the chair of AA's board and member of the Suitability Committee that investigated and terminated Charney, alleged that Charney “frequently engaged in inappropriate sexual banter, infantilizing [young] women and referring to himself as ‘Daddy’”.

In 2011, Charney was sued by Irene Morales who claimed that 38-year-old Charney began seducing her when she was 17. And Morales claimed that on her 18th birthday, she had anal sex with Charney before styling her his sex slave. 

However, Charney purported that Morales voluntarily sent him revealing text messages (e.g., "I bought a fat dildo....") and emails (e.g., [...] do it for all those blowjobs I would give you, and how I would lick your little a**hole clean!!!) - some of which were posted by Gawker

In the end, an arbitrator awarded Morales $700,000, because Charney didn't stop nude pictures of the nymphet from being posted online.

And the New York Times reported in 2011 that 19-year-old Kimbra Lo filed a lawsuit against 42-year-old Charney. Lo claimed that Charney undressed her, tried to have sex with her and attempted to photograph the teen after she visited his apartment to talk about getting a job as a model and photographer with AA. 

Charney has been sued at least five times; however, all of the cases were settled or dismissed without Charney being formally found guilty of any crimes.

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