Sunday, November 14, 2021

"I Know What You Did Last Summer": Teen OnlyFans, Zaddy & High School Student-Teacher Sex

Here's Amazon Prime and IMDb's description of I Know What You Did Last Summer:
In a town full of secrets, a group of [Wai Huna, Hawaii based] teenagers are stalked by a mysterious killer a year after a fatal accident on their [high school] graduation night.
Although, that's a brief description, for the purposes if this blog, that description will suffice, but let's take a look at what Ben Rosenstock referred to in his Vulture recaps as "weird subplots" i.e., how the series used the allure of nymphets for streams.

One of the "weird subplots" is that two of the teens, Lennon and Margot, whom Rosenstock wrote "resembles a Gen-Z stereotype", filmed teen lipstick lesbian videos for an @AllyWally teen OnlyFans account. 

One of the videos, or what Rosenstock referred to as "professional-looking porn", was shot on (high school) graduation night. (s01e04) And it can be safely inferred that the account was (regularly) updated during their (senior) high school career. Lennon shared, "I'm just being me, making love and making money [...] I like to fuck and that's that on that."

Provocatively, Margot masturbated to one of Lennon's teen boy-girl OnlyFans videos. #meta

Rosenstock asked: "Why is the idea of high-school students sleeping with their teachers so normalized with these kids?," which is another subplot. For example, a student had a sexual affair with the gym teacher. (Viewers were informed, indirectly, that the affair didn't begin until the student turned 18. #wink) Rosenstock even opined that the show went so far as to "fetishize" this student-teacher affair

In the premier, Margot said to Allison(Lennon), "You think I don't know how you got that "A" in A.P. Bio from Mr. Haskell?' 

And Allison (Lennon) confessed to Dylan, "[...] I may or may not have fucked Mr. Haskell to get an "A" in A.P. Bio." 
Dylan, "Oh, that."
Allison (Lennon), You knew?"
Dylan, "Everyone knew you'd do anything to win." (s01e06)

In addition, in an related conversation, Margot shared with Allison(Lennon), "[...] but your dad. I mean, he's a total zaddy."  (s01e06)

Interestingly, a murder suspect was rejected because, "He's too busy jerking off to jailbate to go around putting goat heads in people's closets." Using an electric toothbrushLennon attempted to teach Allison how to perform oral sex, "[...] You're gonna talk about how good it tastes. Angle yourself so he can see it going in and out." And there were at least eight teen lipstick lesbian scenes in the series.

Lastly, I was a bit taken aback by the amount teen drug use in the series e.g., Ketamine, 8 Ball\cocaine, Vyvanase, MDMA, and vape based (prescription) marijuana. 

Unsurprisingly, I Know What You Did Last Summer is in the Top 10 on Amazon with 3 out of 5 stars. 

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