Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Teen Seduction & Age-Gap Sexual Affair of François Mitterrand

On episode 58 of the Air Mail's "Morning Meeting" podcast (Oct 22, 2021), Ashley Baker said, "You know we love a good sex scandel here on "Morning Meeting". Especially when it involves French politicians." 

Subsequently, Baker and co-host Michael Hainey related that François Mitterrand, the former President of France, had [at least] two mistresses. And [at least] one of his mistresses, Claire, was 50 years younger than Mitterrand and that Claire was 18 when she seduced the former statesman. 

Lara Marlowe elaborated in The Irish Times post "François Mitterrand’s last, secret love – living a triple life" (Oct 3, 2021) that 18-year-old Claire waited for hours outside of Mitterrand's apartment before she invited him to lunch - in her apartment:
Claire moved to Paris at the age of 18, to study law. In rebellion against conservative parents, she became an avid socialist. For four years, she and a friend stalked then president Mitterrand, waiting for hours outside his apartment in the rue de Bièvre, following him on his trips to the provinces. In 1988, he accepted Claire’s invitation to lunch in her tiny apartment in the rue du Four.
Hainey referred to Mitterrand and Claire's affair as a "Spring Winter" romance. And Baker shared, "That's a memoir I'd read!"

Sue Lyon & James B. Harris

But don't think that Baker's a teleiophile. After she erroneously said, "This movie [i.e., Lolita (1962)] wouldn't be made today," Baker made it clear that she didn't approve of the age-gap affair between 14-year-old Sue Lyon, Lolita's star, and James B. Harris, the film's 32-year-old producer. However, on episode 52 "J.F.K and the Radcliffe Girl - 60 Years Later", Baker said, "I love this story," which is about a sexual affair between 20-year-old Diana De Vegh and 40-year-old John F. Kennedy. #confused

Lastly but interestingly, in The Night of the Iguana (1964), Charlotte Goodall (17-year-old Sue Lyon) entered Reverend Shannon's bedroom and seduced the Episcopal priest (38-year-old Richard Burton).

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