Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Law & Order: SVU | Manhattan Teen & Actor Old\Young Sexual Affair

[Note: This is an edited excerpt from my Teens Love and Want to F*ck James Franco: A Study of a Life and Works.]

There’s an episode of Law & Order: SVU that’s based on the Franco\Clode Instagram scandal. Franco’s Law & Order: SVU episode was subtitled "Agent Provocateur". Here’s IMDb’s plot summary season 16 episode 11 - Agent Provocateur: 

An actor is suspected of raping a 15-year-old girl, but are he and his agent trying to spin it into a publicity stunt for his new movie? And why is a tabloid journalist keeping the NYPD from discovering the truth?

Per usual, the episode began with the disclaimer: The following story is fictional and does not depict any actual person or event. 

After getting the legalities out of the way, Madison, the 15-year-old, departed an Upper West Side doorman building and hopped into a yellow cab before she removed her overcoat to reveal a revealing black dress.  The nymphet uncapped a bottle of gin and happily glossed her lips.  

In the next scene, she was zipped into a suitcase, dragged through Tribeca’s Howell hotel’s lobby and left for dead in an alley with gin, Ambien, Xanax and condom lubricant in her system. Utilizing a racist trope, Madison told Sergeant Benson and Detective Amaro, two of NYPD’s finest, that before she could meet with a “friend” to see Wicked, she was drugged by a “Middle Eastern maybe” cab driver. 

NYPD discovered, via an Instagram post, that Madison’s “friend” was Scott Russo (Shiloh Fernandez) whom was described as a “[pretty boy] actor slash painter slash philosopher” and a “Renaissance man”. It was revealed that Madison was obsessed with Russo, she watched Russo’s Caspien Sea (N.D.) - ten times, and that the age-gap couple met via Twitter DMs. 

After being questioned about his relationship with Madison, Russo shared with Ice T’s character, “After Caspian Sea, that’s my fan base, young girls. There’s a bunch of them in the lobby right now. Some of them always manage to slip under the [proverbial] velvet rope” 

After a waiter told the NYPD that Russo was seen doing “body shots” off of Madison’s nubile body, Russo confessed:

“Alright look. I invited her to the party. We had some drinks. I find out that she was underage; so, I excused myself. She followed me to my room. Alright, if you would have watched the playback on that [LMZ] video, you would have seen that I shut the door on her.”

Madison confirmed Russo’s claim and proclaimed to her mother in front of NYPD:

“I am not a child! And he [Russo] didn’t attack me. I followed him to his room! I wanted to be with him [...] He didn’t force me. We’re soul mates. I’ve been dreaming that this would happen. That he would fall in love with me.”

Madison went on to disclose with her mother and the NYPD that after Russo told her that she was a nice girl but that she was too young for him, she went to Skye Adderson’s room, Russo’s co-star, and had sex with him and that she lied initially because, “I didn’t want Scott [Russo] to find out that I had cheated on him. I knew that he would never forgive me.”

Ultimately, the motion to dismiss the indictment against Russo was “so ordered”, and he left the courthouse to the cheers of Madison and a gaggle of additional nymphets. 

Sadly, even though Madison confessed to the NYPD that she aggressively attempted to have sex with Russo and that it was her idea to go to Adderson’s hotel room for sex, she didn’t receive even a slap on her jeune wrist. Why? #rhetoricalquestion

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