Monday, November 8, 2021

TAXI DRIVER (1976): Jodie Foster's New York Teen Prostitute Role

In Taxi Driver (1976), Travis (Robert De Niro), a New York City taxi driver, had a desire to save Iris (Jodie Foster), a pre-teen prostitute, from her abusive pimp. 

Interestingly, in one scene, while De Niro's character was driving through the seedy 1970s Times Square area, I noticed a theater's marquee sign that was fittingly advertising the film Anita: Swedish Nymphet (1973) [Swedish: Anita Рur en ton̴rsflickas dagbok], which is about a 16-year-old nymphomaniac who satisfied her sexual urges with older men.)

On Travis' first attempt at rescuing 12-year-old Iris, her pimp, dressed in black slacks, a white wife beater, and a matching black and white fedora, gave Travis the rates and what they entailed, which included anal sex:
“$15 fifteen minutes, $25 half-an-hour [...] Well, take it or leave it. If you want to save yourself some money, don't fuck her. 'Cause you'll be back here every night for some more man. She's 12-and-a-half years old [...] You ain't never had no pussy like that. You can do anything you want with her. You can cum on her. Fuck her in the mouth. Fuck her in the ass. Cum on her face man. She'll get your cock so hard, she'll make it explode. But no rough stuff.”

Although we've written extensively about teen prostitution, fiction and nonfiction, from Rome's wealthiest district to New York, we were a bit gobsmacked by what Travis could get for $25 and thirty minutes. 

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