Saturday, February 22, 2020

COSMOPOLITAN: Lucy Hale, High School Vibrators & Sex

Taylor Andrews wrote an article in the March 2020 issue of Cosmopolitan about how the magazine can guess a young woman's personality based on where she keeps her debit card. 

For example, if it's kept in "Your bra" then your energy gives off "Serial-killer-obsessed" and you spend your Friday nights "Dateline-ing. What of it?"

However, if you're a young woman who keeps your debit card in your phone case, then your energy is "Big Sister and: "You were the first to use a vibrator in high school, so ofc [of course] you gave sexing advice to anyone who listened ... and also explained calc like a pro."

Cosmopolitan's covers typically use sexually explicit language and profile scantily clad young women. And the magazine, among other topics, regularly covers sex, sexual relationships and beauty tips. Consequently, per Hearst, the magazine's publisher,: "Cosmopolitan is the biggest young women’s media brand in the world."

But some, like former model Nicole Weider, allege that Cosmopolitan became the largest selling magazine in the world by marketing to nymphets. For example, the magazine uses popular acronyms used by generation z and millennials (e.g., ofc). And Cosmopolitan profiles teens or celebrities who are popular with teens.

For example, the March 2020 issue of Cosmopolitan profiles Lucy Hale. Hale is most famous for playing Aria Montgomery on Pretty Little Liars where she had an extended affair with her high school English teacher. And the text on the cover next to Hale reads: SO THIS SIGN IS the best at sex (WHEN THEY'RE NOT CRYING, THAT IS)

And the February 2020 issue of Cosmopolitan profiles Emma Chamberlain, an 18-year-old social media influencer, with the text: This sext has a 99.2% success rate

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