Thursday, October 3, 2013

L'Annee Meduses (1984): How to Lose a Nymphet

L'Annee Meduses (1984)
I promote this blog and my books on social media websites like Tumblr. Coincidentally, this picture was recently posted on Tumblr:

In the film Year of the Jellyfish (1984) [French: L'Annee Meduses], Chris, a 16-year-old exhibitionist vacating on the French Riviera, uses her beautiful eyes to entice Vic, the middle-aged (married) friend of the family. 

It's Vic's first affair with a nymphet and he loses his composer. He calls Chris during dinner with his wife, he sneaks into her room while her father is downstairs, he has sex with her without a condom, and he's at her "beck and call" - all of which leads Chris to tell Vic, "This is where it ends Vic. Don't try to talk or look at me. Don't call or write me, okay?"

Thus, according to Psychofactz, Vic lost Chris, because he showed her more affection than she showed him.


L'Annee Meduses (1984): How to Lose a Nymphet by lrnarabic

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