Wednesday, August 28, 2013

BABY LOVE (1968): Teen Teleiophile Rejects Teen, "Stupid Little Boy!"

Teenage boys/young men and middle-aged women are generally opposed to age-discrepant relationships. The main reason being the competition factor:

  • teenage boys/young men vs. middle-aged men in competition for nymphets
  • nymphets vs. middle-aged women in competition for middle-aged men
I'll add here that, in general, the only middle-aged males that you'll find that are opposed to age-discrepant relationships are those that haven't had the privilege of being propositioned by a nymphet. 

In Baby Love (1968), which is a British movie based on the novel by Tina Chad Christian, after her mother commits suicide, Luci (Linda Hayden), a 15-year-old nymphet teleiophile and lipstick lesbian, seduces the mother and attempts to seduce the father of her adoptive family. However, Luci  repeatedly rejects the advances of, Nick, the teenage son of the family. 

"You stupid little boy...grow up!" Luci demanded.
"You like old men like my father." Nick conceded reluctantly. 

In addition, Nick becomes infuriated after Luci lets a older man sensuously rub her right thigh in the theater.

Linda Hayden was 15-years-old when Baby Love was filmed and was nude in multiple scenes; however, they were non-sexual scenes and thus "permissible" despite her age.

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