Sunday, November 24, 2013

FAUST (2011): Faust Sells his Soul for a Nymphet

The German movie Faust (2011), which won the Golden Lion at the 68th Venice International Film Festival, is based on Goethe's play, but differs in the reason why Heinrich Faust signed, in blood, his soul away to the devil. 

In the play, Faust sells his soul so that the devil will serve him on earth in exchange for serving the devil in hell. But in the movie, Faust sells his soul in exchange for one night with Margarete, a nymphet he happens upon at a bathhouse. 

Faust pleaded with the devil, "I only want one night. That's all I want. Only one night. Alone with her. One whole night."

The Devil replied, "You sign here, and Margarete is yours."

Faust (2011) reminds me of The Monk (2011) [French: Le moine]. Like Faust, the monk went through similar extremes to get a nymphet. 

In both cases, for the monk and Faust, and for many men throughout history, the the allure of a nymphet proved to be (tragically) irresistible. 

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